The Art of Printing Perfect Packaging Labels


Printing the Perfect Packaging Labels

Creating and printing a product label is one of the last and most important steps when rolling out and selling your product. It is the thing that catches the attention of potential customers and has the potential to make a lasting impression that can ultimately drive sales.

If you are looking into creating your own labels, here are some points that will help you create unique and beautiful labels that will catch the eye of everyone that passes them.

Why a Product Label is Important 

As mentioned already, product labels are essential as they are part of the image of your brand and product. A product’s label can reflect a marketing message the brand wishes to communicate or designed to appeal to a particular target audience.

Size & Shape of Label 

A lot goes into label manufacturing, and you will need to consider the specifications of the container or box before you begin the label manufacturing process. 

You will want a label that is big enough to show your brand name and necessary information but not so big that it covers the packaging you are trying to accentuate.

Label Material

There are a huge variety of label materials to choose from that all have their pros and cons. You will need to think about what type of product you have, how it will be shipped, how it will be displayed, and where it will be stored once it reaches the consumer. 

If it is a bath product, you will want a label that is waterproof and oil-resistant, for example. Not all label material is made the same, and you need to find the right one for your product. 


Label Color 

The next thing you need to decide on is your label color. While you can opt for the classic and chic white or off-white options, you can choose almost any color for your labels. The only thing to remember is color combinations, and you can use the color wheel to find complementary palettes that work. 


Don’t Forget the Barcode

When you are designing your label, it is important to remember that you will need to include the barcode, ingredients list, and other important details. These things need to be visible enough to read and scan and, therefore, can’t be left as a footnote. 

Printing Options 

When it comes to printing options, there are two main choices. You can either choose to invest in a label printer and do them yourself or use a third party that will do it for you. 

Label Printer

In many people’s eyes, printing your own labels is the best option. While it may seem like extra work, there are many benefits to designing and printing your own labels whenever and however you want.

Keeping the process in-house also means there is a lower chance of mistakes that could halt the product or roll out of a product, and while it may seem tricky, learning the necessary skills doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Printing House

Using a printing house for your labels is a good option if you are just starting out. If you don’t have the money or time yet to manufacture your own labels, a printing house will be able to assist. 



Why Print In-House?

While a printing house can be useful for a while, having your own label printing setup should be the goal. The three main benefits of doing it yourself are that you will save money, you will save time and effort, and you will have far more flexibility with regard to label design and print-run. 


When you use a printing house, you need to pay for labor, time, and a whole lot of additional fees; you are using a service, and clearly, that will cost money. However, if you do the printing yourself, you can remove many of those fees. 

While a label printer has an initial cost, you can source the materials yourself at a reasonable price, do all the printing yourself, and print to your needs. The printer starts making you money much quicker than you think.


Printing your own labels simply saves time. You can print them whenever you want; you don’t have to wait for the printing service to get around to your order, and you don’t have to waste time waiting for changes to be done or a reprint to be made due to a mistake. 

Label printers are also very efficient, even lower-end, smaller ones. Many people choose to use a service as they think it will be more efficient; however, many label printers can keep up with demand without problems and print as many labels as needed.

Design Flexibility 

If you opt for outsourcing your printing, changing the design, colors, fonts, or print run can be challenging on the best of days. Having your own printer means you can change the shape, style, and material of your label at a moment’s notice and resume printing and labelling in no time

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