What Are The Ideal Things To Do In Dubrovnik? Find Out Here

What Are The Ideal Things To Do In Dubrovnik? Find Out Here


What Are The Ideal Things To Do In Dubrovnik? Find Out Here

Dubrovnik, Croatia, is one of the most gorgeous Adriatic Sea destinations. Even though it is a smaller town, it has a lot to offer. We will show you what you should see if you ever find yourself in this place.

The Filming Location for “Game of Thrones”

You’ve probably heard of the iconic TV show “Game of Thrones,” which has recently ended and is widely regarded as one of the most popular and watched shows of all time. One of the key filming locations was the fictitious “King’s Landing” in the little city of Dubrovnik. The city’s walls and buildings provided the program with a much-needed location for a large number of scenes. 

The city’s Old Town is densely packed with filming locations. You might look for specific scenes and see if you can find them in the city. Many people visit every year solely to experience the locations depicted in the show.

You may also get a sense of the town’s atmosphere by strolling along its medieval walls, which take around 2 hours to complete a lap around the city. What’s more, the vistas are spectacular!

Visit the Old Town

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is another must-see attraction in this city. The little streets are lined with restaurants, coffee shops, and various businesses where you may pick up some nice items to take home. You may also take a guided Dubrovnik tour, which will provide you with a unique opportunity to discover beautiful sights in and around the Dubrovnik area. You’ll also discover some fascinating new facts and entertaining anecdotes about Dubrovnik and its neighboring islands.

When it comes to the Old Town, Stradun is a must-see. It is the major road of the Old Town, where you may see the beautiful architectural style and recall some of the Game of Thrones scenes that were filmed here.

Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac, also known as the St. Lawrence Fortress, has long been regarded as one of Croatia’s most significant strongholds. This magnificent structure proved invincible throughout the several sieges conducted by the Venetians after its construction in the 11th century. Fort Lovrijenac is accessible by two drawbridges and a doorway through its remarkable walls, which can be up to 12 meters thick in sections. 

The fort is not just a tourist attraction, but it also serves as a site and setting for Dubrovnik’s famed Summer Festival and its various theatre and music acts.

Minceta Tower

The striking Minceta Tower is definitely worth seeing. The tower, which was erected in 1319, throws an enormous shadow on the ancient town below. The tower is the most inland of the towers, giving it one of the greatest places to obtain that ideal view out over the old town with its lovely orange and reddish roofs.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car takes visitors far above the Old Town, with vistas that become more wonderful as you rise, giving you a breathtaking perspective of the Adriatic Sea. The trip takes less than 10 minutes, and when you get there, you are free to explore the region. There’s also a Panorama restaurant with excellent sunset views over Old Town, as well as unusual shops, including a fascinating medieval coin-minting blacksmith shop.


Rector’s Palace and Cultural Historical Museum

This magnificent ancient palace, a stunning combination of late Gothic and early Renaissance architecture, was seriously damaged by an explosion not long after its erection, and then in 1667 when an earthquake happened. This well-preserved structure is now a joy to explore, especially its charming center courtyard. If at all feasible, plan your visit to be able to attend one of its regular summer classical music events.

Visit the Dubrovnik Beaches

Banje Beach, widely recognized as one of Croatia’s greatest beaches, is one of the best swimming sites in town. It’s a great area to relax and soak or go for a swim, and it’s only a quick walk from the ancient Old Town. Furthermore, three important beaches to explore and relax on are a four-kilometer drive from the Old Town: Cava, Uvala Bay, and Copacabana. These family-friendly beaches are ideal for anyone vacationing with children, and while entry is necessary, you will surely have a great time here. 

Hopefully, this article piques your curiosity and inspires you to visit the magnificent Croatian jewel of Dubrovnik. The city has so many great things and sites to offer, many of which are not covered in the article; it is up to you to travel there and explore every part of it while enjoying the warm summer weather and the beauty of the Adriatic sea.

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