4 Tips for Attracting Customers on LinkedIn and Social Media


4 Tips for Attracting Customers on LinkedIn and Social Media

Making a living as an influencer seems like a dream job. Working from home, pulling in your income from social media and the online sphere, and having the freedom to be your own boss are all great perks that make being an influencer look so attractive.

But getting that coveted ‘influencer’ label isn’t always as easy as it sounds, and requires a lot of work and effort. If you’re aiming to become a big influencer in your field, you need to build up your client and reader base. So with that in mind, here are four simple tips to pulling in customers on LinkedIn and social media.

Build a Network

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for building a professional network, but many new influencers may not know how to use it so they look for LinkedIn automation tools to grow faster on this platform. LinkedIn has almost 700 million users across 200 countries, making it one of the largest professional networks available. So how can influencers make use of the platform?

There are several things you can do, but the first step is to make sure you always know your own personal goals. What do you want to use LinkedIn for? How can it benefit you? Once you’ve established this, you can start creating meaningful content and using that content to reach out to other users and potential clients. Another feature you might want to check out is the LinkedIn sales navigator. It can help you find email addresses of people to network with. This way you can connect with them both via LinkedIn and email. Here’s a great guide on how to use sales navigator.

Avoid Posting Clickbait

You need to make sure that your clients know you aren’t here just to pull in views, and one way to do that is to avoid posting clickbait. As we’ve written before, clickbait is a quick way to get views and clicks, but it can be detrimental to establishing yourself as a respectable brand.

The Internet isn’t young, and many people are now able to differentiate between fluff pieces and what really matters. If you want to stick it out for the long run, then you’re going to have to move beyond low-hanging fruit like clickbait. Make sure your content is fact-checked and value-adding to your readers and clients. While it does take more work, the results are definitely worth the extra effort.

Establish a Credible Brand Identity

Registering your business is a key step to showing your audience that you mean business. While sole proprietorships are easy enough to form, registering your business as an LLC or even incorporating it can take your business further.

LLCs enjoy more flexibility than other business models and can establish your business as official. They also offer more protection than sole proprietorships, allowing you to protect your personal finances while growing your brand and company. Registering as an LLC shows that you’re aiming to expand, and can show your potential clients that you’re serious about the work you do.

Respond Quickly

One of the best ways to keep current clients and keep pulling in new ones is to be available as much as possible. Honest customer feedback doesn’t just help you improve your business but also boosts your reputation and staves off potential disasters.

Customers who receive responses feel more appreciated and are more likely to return and recommend services to others. When you respond quickly, you’re also able to address issues immediately, which goes a long way towards establishing your business as efficient and trustworthy.



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