Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher


Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

People have been using water filters since 500 BC. Fine cloths known as Hippocratic sleeves were used to filter already boiled water. Since then, we’ve greatly improved our technology for purifying. These days, all you need to do is fill your Clearly Filtered water pitcher and drink away.


Recently, filtered water pitchers became a hit as many of us are becoming more health-conscious. The Clearly Filtered Company started developing water filtration technologies in 2011. The company’s goal was to further improve water filter pitchers to not only resolve aesthetic water issues such as color, odor, and taste, but to also remove harmful contaminants if present. As a result, they introduced their trademark Affinity Filtration Technology for all of their products. This method of filtering water has a unique physical structure and a contaminant ‘magnet’ working together to remove impurities. The structure is designed in a way that enables the filter to have more contact time with the water.

You can check out this Clearly Filtered pitcher review for more information on the breakthrough product.

Trick or Treat?

There are a lot of filtered water pitchers available, so what makes the Clearly Filtered water pitcher standout? How does it get the job done? Let’s take a look at its main features to see how it edges out the other products on the market.

1. What It Filters

The Clearly Filtered pitcher can filter out an average of 99.7% of more than 232 contaminants and still be able to retain beneficial minerals. For example:

  • Chemical contaminants  – microplastics, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides
  • Physical contaminants  – sediments, organic materials
  • Radiological contaminants – cesium, plutonium, uranium

Clearly Filtered water pitchers have been tested and certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Both are United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved laboratories that use National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International drinking water standards.

To see the whole report and list of the contamination reduction results, make sure to visit the official company website.

2. Three-Stage Wonder

Mostly, filters have different stages which are assigned to remove certain particles to be effective. The Clearly Filtered water pitcher consists of three stages that are compacted into one filter device:

a. Woven Mesh Screen

The first stage of the filter is a woven and stainless steel mesh screen that prevents large particles from getting into the water reservoir.

b. Granulated Coconut Carbon

The second stage is made up of loose granulated coconut carbon. This stage eliminates chlorines and unnecessary taste and odor present in the water.

c. Composite Shell

The last stage of the filtration system is made up of more than seven proprietary filtration materials. My thought is that this is where most of the filtration happens.


3. Your Mileage May Vary

The capacity of this pitcher is rated at 10 cups, while the filter capacity is rated at 100 gallons. This means that the filter can hold 10 cups of water in a single refill and that it takes about 100 gallons of water to pass through the system before you need replacement.

 With a bit of math and conversion, we can compute that 100 gallons are equal to 1600 cups. For every 10 cups in the pitcher, we can compute that we can have at least a 160-filter refill lifespan. In the context of everyday life, this means that if you don’t finish drinking a pitcher in one day, then the filter can last you longer than 160 days (which is almost half a year!)

On the other hand, if you have heavily contaminated water then the filter will need to work harder to keep the water clean. In return, this may decrease filter life.

4. Clearly, It’s Safe

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher is made out of medical-grade Tritan materials. This is known to be BPA-free plastic, lighter than glass, and impact resistant. It is said to be tough which makes its lifespan longer.

Some Clarity

What I like most about the pitcher filter is that it only uses one cartridge to remove all of those 232 contaminants and still be able to retain natural minerals and nutrients present in the water. However, it must be noted that the filter system is for municipally treated tap water only. For everyday folks what does this mean? If you live in a modern country, then chances are your tap water is safe enough for the filter. Just don’t use your pitcher on a random body of water on your next hiking trip.

The next thing is that the Clearly Filtered is the slowest pitcher to fill one cup of water compared to other models. For some people, this may be a turnoff, but for me, this is one of the best features. Slow-moving water means that the filter is clearly working. It is designed to be that way to have longer contact time providing better filtration.

In my opinion, it’s safe to assume that Clearly Filtered is a company you can trust. All products are tested with more stringent parameters than what is legally required. The test results have also been verified by independent laboratories (the only water filter pitcher that has been certified to NSF International standards 42, 53, 244, 401, and 473).

What do You say?

Taking everything into consideration, the Clearly Filtered pitcher is THE premium choice when searching for a water filter pitcher to buy.  The price tag is justified by the breakthrough technology and quality. What I have not even mentioned yet: It’s 100% made in the USA!

Health is wealth! A small investment for a product you can use daily is a smart decision. If it can save you from a hefty hospital bill from heavy metal poisoning and such, then it has already made its money tenfold. If you’re not having your water filtered yet, then this is clearly something you should look into!

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