Enhance your Mac Productivity with Taking a Dig at your Pockets


Enhance your Mac Productivity with Taking a Dig at your Pockets

You’ve been using your shiny Mac device for years now, and have dug almost all the features. Now that your Mac has become a part of your daily life parting with it is next to impossible. Yes, you certainly would never want to do that but the slow speed is forcing you to take the daunting decision. We say this because like all other Mac users, you’re striving the most for productivity from your Mac. 

You’ll agree that Mac is one of the most user-friendly machines available in the market. macOS too is always geared up to enhance user support at all times. The only option left with advanced and novice users is to get the techniques to speed up your Mac for saving their time. Mac OS X Lion has the inclusion of some new-fangled features for streamlining your workflow while enabling you to get the most out of your Mac experience. Now that you’re looking forward to enhancing your Mac’s productivity knowing some tips to boost it is the best thing you can do. Yes, let’s get going:


Stack the apps on your Desktop:

If you’re one of the users that use their Desktop as a dumping ground for files, folders, and shortcuts, then you’re not the only one. It gets pretty handy to have all your files and folders within your easy reach, but it can also mean wasting minutes of your precious time hunting for the files you need. The experts suggest you free up some space on your Disk and your Desktop by using Stacks. You can do this by clicking on the blank area of the Desktop. Go to View Menu afterwards and choose Use Stacks. You will notice that your desktop files and folders will be grouped automatically and get piled up category by category. Select View and then choose Group Stacks By to select the organization of your files. 

Disable your Notifications:

I’m sure you’ve heard that notifications can work in destroying the life of your device and can ruin the efficiency of your device. Disabling notifications and app badges, and turning on the Do Not Disturb Mode helps boost your Mac’s efficiency. The same set of ideas work well with the alerts and interruptions that apply to your smartphone and apply to the Desktop. You can disable the notifications on your Mac from the notifications centre, which finds its locations on the toolbar’s right-hand corner. All you’ve to do is click on the Notifications Icon from the Notifications Center, Flip the notifications centre open and turn the Do Not Disturb mode for a work-session that’s interruption-free. 

Force Safari Reader View on Certain Specific Websites:

We know that the web is pretty distracting. There are times when you look around for instructions on making a tally graph using Microsoft Excel, but end up reading through an interesting article that talks about hosting your VPN instead. The reader view on Safari enables you to focus entirely upon the content a user is looking for while eliminating the content that’s causing distractions. You can force your web browser Safari to enter the Reader View on some specific websites. Note that you can still browse through the main website too because only the articles are affected. 

Work Smarter, No Matter Where You Are:

A moment of care can tweak your workflow and make a tremendous difference in productivity. Using these tips, you scratch the surface; there is undoubtedly a lot you can do to explore your Mac features, without sacrificing your device’s productivity. 

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