Hidden Gems and Must-See Spots In San Antonio


Hidden Gems and Must-See Spots In San Antonio

Whether you have been to San Antonio before and have already seen the famous River Walk and seen the Alamo, or you just fancy yourself the type of traveler who likes to see all the spots that aren’t the popular tourist attractions, you will find plenty of new things to do in San Antonio.

It doesn’t matter if you are staying in the area for a few days or a few weeks, you will be able to investigate some of these hidden gems that will rapidly become spots you must see on your next visit!

Hot Wells Hotel & Spa Ruins

Located in (oddly enough) the San Antonio neighborhood of Hot Wells, this hotel and spa combo was the place to be in the 1900s. Famous names like Charlie Chaplain and Teddy Roosevelt frequented it, along with other people who sought to enjoy the spa services and a relaxing hotel night.

However, the hotel burned to the ground not once, but twice, and now all visitors can do is walk around the ruins of the famous hotel and spa. It can be a fun trip to go see the ruins, and for those who like the darker facets of history, the resort is reported to have shared its artesian pipeline with the Southwestern Lunatic Asylum. Maybe there really is something in the water…

Leon Valley’s Huebner-Onion Homestead

Speaking of darker bits of history, you need to visit the Leon Valley’s Huebner-Onion Homestead. It used to be a stagecoach shop and homestead made by an Austrian immigrant named Joseph Huebner, who built the homestead out of limestone and creek mud and began building a herd of horses, mules, and cattle. It is a Texas Historic Landmark, but the interesting part of the story doesn’t end there.

They say that the ghost of Joseph Huebner walks the property after his tragic death at the age of 58. Apparently, he was killed when he drank a glass of Kerosene rather than a glass of whiskey, and his restless ghost still walks the property in anger at his untimely death at night, so if you want to see a ghost, maybe try stopping by at night.

Robber Baron Cave

If you find yourself in Central San Antonio, then you will certainly be walking around Alamo Heights. While there is plenty of shopping and sightseeing to see while in the area, you might wonder if anything lies below your feet.

Well, the answer to that question is ‘Robber Baron Cave’ which is a huge cave filled with a massive network of passages, tunnels, and hidden spots. 

Robber Baron Cave is a maze cave and one of the longest known caves in Bexar country with almost a mile of passages. The cave was a place for underground speakeasies during the time of prohibition, a spot for high school students to hang out during the time of prohibition, and even a place where the robber barons would hide from the law.

So if you want to get your spelunking on and explore the world underneath your feet, this is the place to do it. Plus, the cave itself has a unique history as to how it went from a hole in the ground to the tourist attraction it is today, so if you love hearing those types of stories, check out the history of the cave!

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Chances are that when you look at a toilet seat, you are filled more with a feeling of relief than a desire to take a toilet seat and turn it into a piece of art. Well, if you happen to be in Alamo Heights, then you need to visit Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum, which explores the connection between the world of plumbing and the world of art.

Barney Smith founded this place as a plumber seeking to turn discarded toilet seats into a beautiful work of art, and he is constantly adding to his collection in order to make it even more fun for people to visit. So if you make your way there at the beginning of your trip, then be sure to head back because there might be more for you to see at the end of your trip.

Plus, if you want more Texas art it can be found here in one of San Antonio’s many art museums!

There’s Almost Always A Place To Go In San Antonio!

Whether you want to explore the city like a local or just go somewhere where you can experience a new lease on your vacation, then you need to explore some of the best locations in San Antonio! You won’t regret hopping off the beaten trail and seeing where the city takes you on your journey!

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