How Does Guest Posting Work For SEO?


How Does Guest Posting Work For SEO?

Guest posting is writing thematic materials for another company’s site. As a rule, texts are posted on sites with similar themes for several purposes:

  • To attract traffic to your site;
  • Increase the authority of the domain by increasing the number of external links;
  • To increase recognition of their brand;
  • To establish communications with peers in your industry.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Use of the sponsored articles helps the author earn credibility in their niche, build relationships with peers in their industry, and introduce their brand to a wider audience. Guest posting also helps bring new thoughts and fresh content to an audience. Guest posting provides an opportunity to build quality link building.

Basic rules for guest blogging:

  • Guest posts must be competently and interestingly written. The more interesting the information, the easier it is to remember. 
  • The text should correspond to the subject site on which it will be posted.
  • The material should be relevant and provoke a desire to share it on social networks (reposting increases readership).
  • Outgoing links should be useful and appropriate to the topic of the article. It’s worth checking the accuracy of the anchor text above the links.
  • Don’t post on sites that publish a lot of guest content because links from them are almost useless.

When creating a guest blog, you should think of it as an additional platform for a readership. A blog should give the reader useful and interesting information. With its help, you can assert yourself as an expert in a particular niche, introduce your name to a new audience and build relationships with other companies.

If the subject of the text is close to your product or service, you can certainly put information about them in the material. Do not get carried away praising the product, but you can hint at the benefits and quality. If the reader immediately understands that the purpose of the text is purely advertising, he will not finish the text, much less follow the link. Remember the difference between selling a product and providing relevant and useful information to readers.

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How Does Guest Posting Affect SEO?

Using guest posting as an SEO strategy is all about providing original, useful, and relevant content to readers. Don’t try to publish guest posts solely to get backlinks to your site.

This method of content marketing can be an excellent tool for increasing the authority of your domain and promoting your site in search engine rankings, if you treat your content writing and the selection of guest posting sites responsibly,

Publishing high-quality content on third-party sites is a great method to boost your site or blog rankings. From the point of view of Google, if other people link to your resource on their sites, it means the content is relevant and interesting. Commenting, reposting, liking or linking to your site increases your page ranking in Google and therefore its place in search engine rankings.

When placing materials on other companies’ sites, you should remember that Google PageRank is just a link ranking algorithm, it cannot distinguish quality content from spam. Placing materials with links and keywords will increase the site’s ranking in search engines, but it is unlikely to help attract an audience, and it certainly will not increase the site’s authority in the relevant niche. The main principle and motto when writing materials should be quality.

You can buy links or get them in other ways, but this is also one of the many tasks of guest posting. Backlinks in articles will benefit you, thereby strengthening your site’s position in search engines. All these recommendations you can use for link building for business site of any subject. 

SEO experts agree that guest posting is one of the best ways to build a site’s link mass with minimal effort. In this case, the articles will be multifunctional: to improve the reputation of the company, strengthen its social position, feed the authority of the company according to the target audience.

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