How to Effectively Maintain Your Air Conditioner to Preserve Its Good Performance


How To Effectively Maintain Your Air Conditioner to Preserve Its Good Performance

An air conditioner is one of the largest investments you can make for your home. It helps you
cool the house and maintain better air quality, preventing respiratory infections and other
ailments. Being one of the largest investments, you have to maintain and take care of it to
ensure it works efficiently for the longest time. The small efforts you make will ensure your
AC performs better and lasts longer without needing regular technicians or replacing parts.
How can you effectively maintain your air conditioner? Here are some simple ways.

1. Change its air filter regularly

The air conditioner helps to control the air in and out of your home. It has air filters, which
help trap any components from getting into the system and finally to your home. With time,
these AC air filters get clogged with dirt and impurities and may need changing. Although
blogs give different descriptions of when you should change your air filter, it all depends on
the model and the area you live in. It can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly
depending on the use and how congested the air is. This blog,, gives insights on how air filters are
rated and how you should change them depending on your HVAC equipment. It is essential
to do the regular changes to avoid them blocking, making the equipment use more power
and interfere with your indoor air quality. The blockage also causes strain to the equipment,
which reduces its lifespan.

2. Keep its coils clean

Coils are essential components of an air conditioner, helping to absorb heat and release the
cold air to your home. During the equipment’s functioning, these coils get dirty and always
get coated with impurities, which limit their performance – the coils fail to absorb heat and
cool your home. Other than failing to get the right temperatures for your home, the machine
strains and uses more power, which increases consumption while reducing its lifespan. To
avoid all these inconveniences, it’s crucial to clean the coils regularly. You can check on the
machine manual on how to clean coils, as each system has its unique way depending on the
coils’ placement. The basic methods include cleaning the areas around the condenser and
removing any unwanted matter.

3. Check the fins

The AC is made up of different components, which include the condenser and the
evaporator. These unique components in your AC come fitted with fins, which help disperse
the conditioner’s heat, enabling it cool. With time, on regular use, these fins can bend, which
causes an insufficient flow of air in and out of the equipment. It is important to be checking
on the fins to ensure they aren’t bent and are working as required. If you see some bends,
you can get a fin comb which helps straighten them or call a professional service company
to take care of the situation. It would help to do this action with urgency to avoid the problem
escalating, which destroys your equipment. Early intervention also helps reduce other repair
costs and helps to maximize the equipment’s lifespan.

4. Check on the condensate drain

Your air conditioning system comes with a condensation drain, which helps capture the
condensed air and directs it outdoors through a pipe. When this component gets clogged,
the AC won’t discharge the water and might leak on the equipment damaging the parts and
even inside your house if it starts leaking on the outside. You have to be checking on the
condensation drain to ensure it’s working correctly. You should at least see water dripping
from the outlet pipe when the AC is functioning. If you don’t notice such, there might be
something wrong worthy of checking. If the problem seems complicated, it’s advisable
contacting a servicing company to have your air conditioner thoroughly checked, including
damages caused by leakage.

5. Plan a scheduled maintenance

Like any other device with moving parts, your air conditioner requires scheduled
maintenance to have the parts checked and replaced if necessary. The maintenance
procedures from qualified personnel will enable your equipment to continue working as
needed and elongate its lifespan. The technicians will service the movable parts, clean the
equipment, replace worn out parts, oil the moving parts, and replace the air filters. They will
also inform you of the measures to avoid the machine breaking down, including changing its

Your AC should work effortlessly to ensure your family is taken care of in cooling and
regulating air inside the house. However, you also need to play your part by maintaining it to
ensure it runs efficiently. By observing the practical tips in this article, you will enable your
AC to work longer without breakdowns with low energy consumption.

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