How to Move to Another State: 5 Tips


How to Move to Another State: 5 Tips

Whether you’re a young student, aspiring professional, or busy family man or woman, moving to another state is an overwhelming experience for anyone, regardless of age or gender. While relocating within a city is tough, changing to a whole new state is another story.

The little details build-up to big details and the small items that you thought you could simply throw into a box end up being a plethora of belongings that you don’t know what to do with. Breathe—here are our top five tips for moving to another state in a calm and organized way.

1. Find your new place first

First of all, you’ll want to consider visiting your new city and state before you start making any moves toward your relocation. This is because it’s important to know your move-in date so that you can book a moving company in advance. From San Marcos movers to Los Angeles movers, finding the right company for the job is essential, and know renter data in Los Angeles.

However, you can only book them if you have a move-in date, and the only way to have one is to know where you’re moving to and when you get the keys. Whether you’re buying a new home or simply renting an apartment, square away these details well before your move. Also, knowing where you’re moving to can help you decide if you should downsize your belongings with the help of a professional organizer.  

2. Book your moving company next

Now, when you know where you’re moving to, the next step is to book the right company for the move. With a move-in date in hand, it will be easier to find the best option for your move, but make sure you’re looking for a relocation company more than a month before your move-in date. 


Hiring a moving company last-minute can be a challenge and could mean you end up with movers who simply don’t have the skill you’re looking for. 

3. Make a moving schedule

A timeline for your move can be extremely beneficial to preparing all the details of your move that could be easy to forget. The thing is, even the smallest of details in a move makes a huge difference. So, after you know your move-in date and have your moving company booked, get to work on scheduling everything involved in your move. It will make it that much less stressful. 

4. Start packing early

The best way to pack up a home is to do so with plenty of time. Last-minute packing a week or so before your move spells disaster. Avoid the stress that comes from leaving packing to the last minute and get started on it at least a month before it’s time to move. 

From ordering packing materials that ensure the safe transportation of your belongings to scheduling time for your packing, an early start to packing can be the wisest decision you make. Also, packing early helps you decide if you want to get rid of old things online and start fresh with new décor in your new home or not. 

5. Transfer or cancel utilities

You will want to arrive at your new home with everything you need, like electricity, water, and gas, and the internet. Let your current utility provider know at least a few weeks before your move to cancel your plan and get your new home’s utilities set up to get started by your move-in date. 

Final thoughts

Because you’re moving to another state, there’s a lot to consider and plan for, whether you’re opening a new office elsewhere or moving your family to a better city. From the moving truck that will take big items to your new home to budgeting for packing materials and lodging along the way to your new destination, there are so many factors to think about as you prepare for a new life in another state. Use this guide to help you get started and ensure you have a stress-free move.

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