Is Air Foam The Same As Memory Foam?


Is Air Foam The Same As Memory Foam?

Buyers may have a tough time deciding which mattress is ideal since many choose from it. Even if they are all created differently and have their distinct characteristics, these foam technologies are tailored to your requirements, particularly in regards to the way you sleep, the state of your body, or even your mental health. 

Air foams and memory foams are the greatest mattresses now available. In terms of mattress structure, two standard options are foam-filled cores and memory foam toppers. Is there a difference between air foams and memory foams? Are these models with a pump? Many people ask us this, so we decided now would be a perfect moment to answer. Are memory foam and air foam the same? Let’s see what happens. 


Is there a difference between memory foam and air foam?

To put it simply, air foams and memory foams are two distinct types of foam. First, let’s define air foams so that we can tell them apart: 


Air Foam

Unlike a traditional mattress and box spring, an air mattress has an air-filled core instead of metal springs and wood structures. Some of the core may be separated into many air pockets, while others can be a sizable air-filled area. Rubber or reinforced plastic or foam cushioning line the air chambers. There is either a natural or synthetic cloth that covers the whole bed. Air mattresses’ key selling point is their adjustability. Air may be added or removed from the mattress using simple controls to change its firmness. When you sleep on an air mattress, you feel as if you are floating above the ground.

Air mattresses relieve pressure spots by evenly spreading your body weight throughout the whole length of your limbs and spine. The lack of support given by air mattresses may cause backaches for those who require a solid surface for sleep. In addition, they may need to be replenished and re-calibrated every few days to maintain their optimum hardness. When comparing these two mattress types, one must also consider one’s own preference. Air-filled devices are often the best choice for couples who desire different degrees of hardness. Many of these beds include two separate air pockets so that you may adjust the firmness on each side independently. 


Memory Foam

NASA developed memory foam in the 1970s. Sleeping on it shapes your body, yet the foam returns to its original form when you wake up. Many layers of foam or a single solid core are possible. It’s also known as viscoelastic foam. Memory foam mattresses are better at easing pressure points than air mattresses. Additionally, they disperse the weight of your body across a larger surface area. 

In order for a memory foam mattress to fit a person’s body, it relies on their body heat. This may cause the bed to get too hot for certain buyers, which might be a problem. Memory foam mattresses are better for people with back problems or sleep disorders since they provide additional support. Foam mattresses have a distinct feel and function than air mattresses, comparable feel, and function. 

There you have it! Memory foams and air foams are not interchangeable. The contrasts between air and memory foams are laid forth in the following paragraphs. In selecting the most delicate foam, you must still consider factors such as cost, noise, upkeep, and durability, to name just a few.

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