Simple Ways to Decorate Your Room With Lights


Simple Ways to Decorate Your Room With Lights

If you are thinking about decorating your home you may feel excited, but still, a bit overwhelmed. Putting all the pieces together to make your rooms look appealing and harmonious can be a challenge. You need to figure out what your decorating style is, consider colors and furniture, and all the ways you can arrange and accessorize. Maybe you think that you need to invest a lot of money for renovations and buy expensive new items in order to refresh and decorate your living space, but you are incorrect. Did you know that many interior designers recommend using lights to decorate your rooms? It’s a very simple and inexpensive way to make your home feel refreshed as if you did a whole makeover. You can go wild, be creative, and express yourself by adding decorative lights to your space. There are many options that look amazing, so check out this simple guide that will provide inspiration and give you some great examples.

Decorate With Neon Lights

If you are looking for a way to add an artsy and fun twist to your room, you may want to consider using neon lights. You may think that neon lights are reserved for outdoors or bars but you would be surprised that there are many ways they can work right in your home. As stated by the designers at, neon lights are very popular in 2021, as they add a unique style and classy look to your residential space. It is also a very easy way to get a new look for your room, as most neon fixtures can be bought for $10 to $80. However, if you would prefer a custom neon light, it may cost around a couple of hundred dollars. 

Neon-style signs are very user-friendly and they usually take just a few minutes to hang. If you, nevertheless, choose to light a whole room with neon lights, you may need help from an electrician or remodeler.

The most common way to use neon lights in decorating your place is to create a specific mood by spelling out certain words in neon. Here is a list of most popular word signs that would look stylish in bedrooms and living rooms, according to interior designers:

  • Dream
  • Family
  • Welcome
  • Be happy
  • Do what you love
  • Good night
  • Good vibes only

You can also use your favorite song lyrics or an inspirational quote. 

Another great use of neon lights is to accent items you already have in your room. Use it around major pieces of furniture, under cabinets, or around the art on the walls.

Use Candles As A Light Source

When it comes to home decorations candles are often underrated. Not only do they smell nice but they also enhance a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. It doesn’t matter where in the room you decide to put them, they will always create a warm, welcoming environment for your family, guests, and yourself. You can get creative and purchase some stylish candle holders, use different scents, and buy various colors, shapes, and sizes.If you want to add a romantic and sexy touch to your bedroom, try lighting a few candles on your side table or windowsill. They will create a warm glow and give a bit of old-age appeal to modern rooms.

Candles are a great option for living rooms, too. Put them on your coffee table or on the wall to make your space feel warm. Candlelight will set up a cozy atmosphere perfect for family gatherings or casual dinners with your friends. Keep in mind that sometimes a simple candle-lit fire-place works wonders for design.

The bathroom is the ideal place to light some candles and unwind. Use bright colors and your favorite smells while you relax in the tub with a glass of wine.

String Lights Are Trendy

String lights are getting more and more popular. You just can’t go wrong with them. They can fit anywhere and they look original and stylish. Here are a few ideas recommended by interior designers on how to decorate your room with string lights in 2021:

  • Wrap them around your bed frame. This creates the perfect ambiance for reading, watching a movie, or simply dozing off.
  • By adding clothespins to string lights you can create a small artwork. Hang printed cards, photos, or inspirational quotes.
  • Wrap the leaves of your plants with golden lights to add some warmth to your greenery.

Decorating your room shouldn’t be difficult or stressful at all. In fact, you can have fun and be creative without spending loads of money. Your personal space should be your sanctuary and a getaway from all the things that troubled you during the day. Follow these simple tips and add some light to your home.

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