Use Order Ahead to Avoid Delivery Issues


Use Order Ahead to Avoid Delivery Issues

Having food delivered, whether to your home or office, is always convenient. However, there are times when the delivery times are extremely long. The next time you are considering pizza delivery near me, but you are on a bit of a time crunch, try Papa Johns future ordering function. This allows you to place your order hours, and even days, ahead and to schedule a delivery time. This helps everyone avoid delivery issues as much as possible.

Reasons for Extended Delivery Times

There are various reasons why a delivery time may be longer than normal. Obviously, special sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, cause delays due to the high volume of orders. Weather also plays a factor, as snow or heavy rain can make driving more treacherous. The time of the day the order is placed also makes a difference. Ordering pizza during rush hour will almost guarantee it will arrive later than it would if you ordered it at 1 pm.

That being said, however, the number of staff working makes a big difference. Restaurants typically staff their stores based on demand. During lunch, dinner, and sometimes late night, there are usually more people working, not only making the pizza, but also delivering them. If it is a normally slow time, or the restaurant is short-staffed, this will affect the delivery times. The distance the driver has to go also makes a difference, which is why it is always a good idea to find the closest Papa Johns to you when ordering.

How Can You Pre-Order Pizza Online?

Although you can always take advantage of the carryout option at Papa Johns to avoid long delivery times, another option is to use Papa Johns order ahead. Whether you are planning an event for a big crowd, or you have a particular time you want dinner delivered to your house, the future ordering feature makes it easy.

First of all, you can place your order 24 hours a day, which is nice if you work off hours or cannot sleep thinking of the upcoming event you are in charge of. If you are paying cash, you can place your order up to 21 days in advance, and if you are paying with a credit card, you can place it up to three days in advance.

When you place your order, simply peruse the online menu of your local Papa Johns and choose your items. Although pizza is a no-brainer choice, especially considering all of the specialty pies and wide variety of crust options, you can also add other menu options. Some popular choices include wings, which are available in a number of flavors, papadias, jalapeno popper rolls, garlic knots, and cheesesticks. Do not forget to add on extras, such as dipping sauces, pizza seasonings, dessert, and beverages.

After you have placed your order, you can name the specific time you want to have it delivered or have it ready for carryout. This pre-order option helps you get your delivery on time, and it allows you to order when it is convenient with your schedule.


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