5 Ways Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Insurance Claim

5 Ways Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Insurance Claim


5 Ways Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Insurance Claim

Many factors can cause car accidents but they’re often the result of another driver’s negligence. If you’ve gotten involved in an accident, you must know your rights. You may be entitled to compensation and benefits if you’ve been injured in a car accident recently. Monetary payments may come from insurance claim payments from your insurer. 

If you’d like to pursue a claim against those responsible for your injuries, it’s essential to know that highly competent car accident lawyers, including disability insurance lawyers, can provide assistance. Here’s how car accident lawyers can help with your insurance claim.

1. They Help Determine If You Have a Case for Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you need to determine if your injuries meet the legal definition of personal injury. Your injuries must be directly related to the accident and result in permanent disability or disfigurement. For comprehensive information and legal assistance, consider consulting Georgia Auto Law. For example, if you’ve been hurt because somebody else was driving recklessly or negligently, this would be considered personal injury.

Suppose you believe that your injuries meet the legal definition of personal injury. In that case, it’s time for you to contact a car accident attorney from reputable firms, like Wagners Lawyers, who can help file your claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

2. Car Accident Lawyers Aids In Proving That Another Driver Was at Fault

After a vehicular collision, it’s up to the insurance companies to determine who was at fault for causing the collision and how much their client should receive through insurance claims. It’s where auto accident lawyers come into play. 

Car accident lawyers can help establish that another driver was at fault for causing the crash. They’ll need evidence such as witness statements or photographs showing how fast another vehicle was traveling before impact — if they were speeding or running a stop sign, for example. They might also bring in experts to testify about factors like visibility conditions or roadway design (e.g., whether any potholes could’ve contributed to a car losing control).

If it turns out that there was another driver involved in your crash, then they may be liable for your damages. It means that their insurance company would have to pay for all your medical bills and other expenses related to the accident.

3. These Professionals Can Help Uncover Hidden Damages To Your Vehicle Too

If you have a minor car accident, the other driver will likely be at fault and therefore responsible for paying for any damage incurred due to the crash. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that your insurer will automatically cover all of your costs. Many insurers try to get out of paying for damaged parts if they’re not visible outside the vehicle or if there are no visible dents or scrapes on the bodywork.

That’s where car accident lawyers come in — they’ll examine your vehicle thoroughly and identify any hidden damage caused by the road hazards and crash. Then they’ll ensure all costs associated with fixing this damage are covered by your insurer and don’t fall on your shoulders!

4. Car Accident Attorneys Can Gather Evidence Of Your Injuries

Documenting your injuries is essential so the insurance company cannot deny them. When you meet with an attorney, they’ll want to know what happened during the accident and how it affected you. They’ll want to see physical evidence of any damage to your body too — photographs and medical records are helpful.

Conducting a thorough investigation can help you prove that your injuries were caused by accident and were not preexisting conditions before the auto crash. It means that even if you had problems before the accident, these issues could have worsened.

5. They Can Get Compensation For Lost Wages Too

After an accident, most people think their biggest concern will be medical bills and repairs to their vehicle. While these are important considerations, they are not the only ones. When you experience injuries in a car accident, your life changes dramatically.

You may have to miss work while you recover from your injuries, or you may have to give up work altogether because of them. If you miss work after an accident, the other driver’s insurance may be responsible for paying your lost wages.

Some attorneys will even go so far as to help their clients find new employment if it’s necessary due to injuries sustained in an accident. An attorney can also negotiate additional benefits such as medical expenses and payments for physical therapy sessions or chiropractor visits.

If another driver’s negligence or recklessness caused your injury, you might be able to get compensation for lost wages from the at-fault party’s insurance company. This type of compensation is called ‘economic-related damages.’


In the aftermath of an accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you must complete. Many details need to be taken care of quickly, from filing an insurance claim to arranging medical treatment and repairing your vehicle. If you’re unsure about how to proceed after a car accident, consider contacting an attorney who can help guide you through this difficult time.


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