6 Marketing Strategies Businesses Should Try for an Improved Market Presence


6 Marketing Strategies Businesses Should Try for an Improved Market Presence

The modern business culture is more competitive than ever. It takes a lot of effort to stay afloat in the market, but with that effort must come sufficient marketing practices. Here are six modern marketing strategies that will help your business get ahead.

1. SMS marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) is an advanced messaging service available on cell phones where you can send and receive text messages for free. With the explosive growth of mobile phone usage, SMS has become a very popular communication tool among users worldwide.  Using this technique, companies can promote upcoming events, new products, or discounts during certain times: like Black Friday or Christmas holiday season. For everything you need to advertise, you can use SMS marketing for your BigCommerce store and have the customers text in their responses. Scarcity and exclusivity work to generate interest and curiosity among potential customers about your product or service. This strategy works because it makes people feel as though they need to purchase something before the deal ends.

2. Social media marketing

Everyone has seen how effective Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are for reaching an audience. You can easily connect with old friends or potential new customers. At the same time, companies that have a good presence on these types of social media sites will be able to generate more sales than those that don’t. Contrary to popular belief, though, social media is used by businesses for more than just selling their products and services. A major part of this strategy comes from engaging your customers with compelling content on different social media platforms. This powerful tool helps online businesses build their brand awareness while providing excellent customer service at the same time. It also assists in generating more traffic and enhancing the company’s market position.

3. Influencer marketing

The basic premise of influencer marketing is to bring together people who have a large following and companies who produce products or services. By encouraging these influencers to talk about their product, the business can attract potential customers with minimal effort or cost. Websites help facilitate this type of arrangement by matching companies with influential bloggers. The internet gives you access to millions of people who are waiting for interesting content that will interest them just as much as it would interest their friends.

Today influencer marketing platforms such as Grin, Humanz, and Upfluence help businesses to find the relevant influencer for their campaigns. Those who have medium-size businesses can work with different types of macro influencers whose interests need to be differentiated and filtered before working with them. The main spheres of their activities are beauty, travel, parenting, gaming, fashion, etc. If you have a small business you can work with nano influencers who can be found in the same industries. If done correctly, influencer marketing can become an exceptional way to expand your customer base. It can also help you improve your search engine rankings by increasing the number of backlinks to your site.

4. Online PR 

Have you heard the saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”? That seems to be the case with online PR. This marketing technique involves generating attention to your business through press releases or news articles. That means having reporters or journalists write about your company, product, or service. The main idea behind this technique is to have the public learn more about your brand and become an advocate for it. There are several benefits that come with online PR, including higher traffic numbers, cross-promotion opportunities between other businesses, and better newsletter signups. If you can generate interest from people outside your target market, then you can easily increase sales by attracting new customers.

5. Coupon marketing

There are many types of coupons that companies give away to their customers, but this strategy can be classified into three different categories: website coupons, printable coupons, and mobile/social media coupons. The first one is very popular among online businesses that use it as a way to generate more sales directly from their own site or blog. On the other hand, printable coupons are used by people relatively less compared to web-based ones because you have to stop at your local retailer before making your purchase. Finally, mobile coupons are now very popular with smartphone users who text in codes or QR codes to get discounts on products they love. 

6. SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of having your website show up in Google or Yahoo! when people use specific keywords. While this may seem like an easy tactic to implement, it’s actually quite hard because you need lots of backlinks and social media exposure to improve your page ranking. When properly done, creating a good SEO strategy can help businesses get more exposure on the internet. If you notice that people are searching for something that your company provides, then you can take advantage of this opportunity with quality content and relevant keyword usage. 

Independent research has shown that there are six marketing strategies that businesses should try in order to become more visible and profitable in the market. These include all the things we recommended, so make sure to try them if you are serious about expanding your business. Good luck!

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