6 Employee Engagement Strategies That Work In 2023


6 Employee Engagement Strategies That Work In 2023

Employee engagement is not just about employees participating in every activity the company host. It is also about how much energy and dedication they are putting in and how enthusiastic they are about it. Employees are assets to a company. A company can only grow with its employees. So, if the workers are losing motivation and zeal, you need to work on the routes you are taking as a company. Otherwise, your company’s growth will remain stagnant, and it will cause you much time and resources to get where you want to go. Forward-minded leaders look for ways to drive passion in their workforce constantly. So, here are six ways you can work on your employee engagement in 2023 that will facilitate connection-

Recognize Every Achievement

Do not let small deeds go unnoticed. Everyone wants to know if they are doing a good job, and acknowledging now and then helps boost confidence and works as the best incentive to keep moving forward. So, recognize every small milestone. Pat them on their back or congratulate them for a job well done. That will make your employees feel that they are valued in the organization. One very innovative technique companies are employing in 2023 is hosting office award shows where they give various awards to valued and well-performing employees. This creates a fun environment and is increasingly helpful in boosting employee engagement. 

Comfort Over Rigidity

Someone’s work ethic is independent of how they dress. Otherwise, Mark Zuckerburg would not rule the Silicone Valley with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Learn to prioritize your employees’ comfort. You can cut them slack if it is not too outrageous, like a feather boa on a Monday. People tend to work better when they feel comfortable. Not just that, a relaxed dress code brings out creativity among employees and generally keeps everyone happy. What is working best nowadays is having a dress-specific day or month. For example, you can do a No Shirt November or T-shirt Tuesday. You will slowly start seeing your employees more grateful and appreciative of your company and more engaged in everyday tasks. 

Say “No” To Micromanaging

Some companies tend to hover over their employees like helicopters droning over a helipad. This can cost you as it makes them uncomfortable and anxious, but since you do not trust them, they also do not trust you back. Thus, it harms both parties involved. Give them some autonomy. If you have hired capable people, trust them to take care of something without you micromanaging everything. You cannot force engagement; remember that. If you start counting them with projects or meetings, their confidence will soon boost, and they will be more involved as they will feel responsible for the work. 

Say Yes To LMS

LMS or learning management systems are great for captivating your employees if you want them to upskill. Not only can you create courses and manage performances, but you can also make learning accessible without much hazard. Whether you are a large organization or just starting, LMS will become your staple in no time. And it is cost-effective. LMS such as Adaptive LMS+ is one stop for all your company problems. Adaptive LMS features include customization, manual enrollment, progress tracking, drag & drop interaction, gamification, and more. Check it out to upshot your company’s learning environment and boost employee engagement. 

Be Open To Feedback

Communication and trust are always a two-way street. As a company, you should be open to criticism and feedback. Otherwise, you will let go of opportunities to recognize your shortcomings. Try to have your input anonymously to reduce bias and judgment. Your employees should feel safe and comfortable sharing their viewpoints. Anonymity helps a lot at that. If you genuinely incorporate changes and improvements based on the feedback, your employees will feel heard, creating a bond that will last a long time. These are important to retain talents in your company for a longer time. 

Work Together, Celebrate Together

It is important to work hard but remember to party harder. Do celebratory activities together as a company to bind you all together. Go on company lunches, organize office trips, or have a tradition of a yearly picnic with families. That way, work relationship transcends much beyond and works a long way in building team bonding. 

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these strategies to see the changes in your employee group now!

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