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Great Career Paths For Independent People


Great Career Paths For Independent People

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Independent employees often struggle in traditional jobs. They prefer to work without constant supervision and may become easily irritated when dependent on other coworkers. While teamwork is great, some people just do better when they are their own boss and can work alone. 

Luckily, many industries are changing to provide autonomous people with more unique job opportunities. As a result, more than ever before, are there career paths that allow you to work alone or with very little interaction with others. Below are a couple of career paths to try out if you are an independent person. 

Pet Sitter

Pets are the best clients. They don’t talk back nor start office drama, and they give the perfect snuggles. For this reason, many independent people end up loving animals more than humans and choose to become pet sitters.

Pet sitters do exactly what you would think. They take care of clients’ pets while they are at work or out of town. They ensure that the pet is fed, has water, and everything else it needs. Pet sitters may also be required to stay at the home to ensure the pet has plenty of socialization and love while the clients are away. 

Though the pay for this job varies wildly, gaining experience, showing your loyalty to animals, and finding the right clients can help you bring in the big bucks. Some clients absolutely adore their pets and are more than happy to pay top dollar for the right sitter. Gaining experience, good reviews, and some positive word of mouth will help you find these well-paying clients in no time. 

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk is an excellent position for anyone who enjoys autonomy as well as attention to detail. This is also a great position for anyone who desires to work from home without learning complex skills or getting another degree. 

Data entry is a simple skill field but is needed by many companies and industries. Data entry clerks spend their days inputting data into spreadsheets and files. They also ensure all data is accurate and correct without spelling or grammatical errors. Simply put, you get paid a livable wage just to enter and correct data all day, sometimes without leaving your home or interacting with many other people. 

Grocery/Delivery Driver

In recent years, the gig economy has really taken off with grocery/food delivery drivers. Companies like Doordash, UberEats, and Instacart have given millions of people a unique opportunity to make extra money. Depending on how fast you are and the tips your clients give you, you can make some serious cash with this side hustle. In fact, many people have mastered the art of working for multiple apps to make this their full-time job. 

As you may expect, this is a pretty simple task. Depending on which app you work for, you will have to either order or just pick up the client’s food and then deliver it to them. That’s it. Very few jobs are simpler than that, and the only other people you need to work with throughout your day are the customers. And even then, those interactions are limited. There is no boss and no one breathing down your neck while you work. 


Independent people are happiest when self-employed. If you have experience in a particular field, such as writing, programming, or graphic design, but don’t wish to work for one particular company, you may want to consider freelancing. This path allows you to work with multiple clients instead of just devoting your time to one employer. 

Freelancing offers many benefits that traditional jobs lack. For example, freelancers can determine their schedule and how much or little they wish to work each week. They also have more control over their pay, meaning they can charge what they are worth instead of what the company deems as their worth. 

Furthermore, freelancers often interact with fewer colleagues than if they were working for a particular company. Instead of being on a team of the same job title, they may be the only one with a particular set of skills and will only need to interact with whoever is also playing an important role in the project. As a result, freelancers often play a unique role in the project, making them more valuable to their clients. 


Furthermore, you can transition into a consultant if you have considerable experience in your field as either an employee or freelancer. Consultants come into companies and offer analysis, guidance, and help on particular projects based on their experience and expertise. They are often paid top dollar to help, as their clients rarely have anyone else with the same insight, skills, or knowledge. 


In most of the jobs listed in this article, though you have a lot more autonomy than in traditional jobs, there is still someone else ultimately in charge. Whether it be a client or the delivery app you work for, you still don’t have full autonomy to run your job the way you want. 

For those who want full autonomy and independence, becoming an entrepreneur is the best option available. You create your own brand or business and make all the shots. You decide who to interact with and create boundaries with those you don’t. If anyone does work for you, they will be looking to you for guidance and direction, not the other way around.

Some people were born to be leaders and innovators. If you are one of these people, then entrepreneurship is the best path for you. 

Final Thoughts

It often takes some trial and error to find the perfect career path for you. Not only do you need to consider what industries interest you, but you also need to find a role that fits your personality. Independent workers often struggle in many traditional jobs because the roles often lack creativity, require constant supervision, and rarely allow employees to be independent or autonomous. 

Hopefully, this article gave you a few career ideas to pursue. However, you may also want to consider speaking with a career coach or counselor for further help. For more information on careers and tips on making a career change, head on over to BetterHelp

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