Useful Tips on How to Write a Thesis for a Compare and Contrast Essay


Useful Tips on How to Write a Thesis for a Compare and Contrast Essay

In accordance with human nature, we are tuned to select whatever we do, buy shoes, decide on a movie, or order food. To make our choice, we consider all pros and cons of the issue, comparing it with another one. The process of producing compare and contrast essays is somewhat similar but more official and sticks to academic writing requirements. If you find yourself in need of assistance, you may explore the option of using an essay writing service to ensure a well-crafted and academically sound essay. If you want to get an A+ for your creation, you also have a choice to find a good paper writer or follow some top tips and try to handle the essay by yourself.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay? Things You Should Know 

A compare and contrast essay is a particular style of essay that aims to analyze two issues and either compare or contrast them. Under precise analysis may be sports, books, personalities, films, countries, etc. The task of a writer is to showcase what they have in common (compare) and what makes them different(contrast). However, you should not indicate apparent things. You should dig deeper and find something uncommon and unexpected.

While you write a compare and contrast essay, please do your best not to confuse the reader since another task is to explain by highlighting differences and similarities. Such assignments are widespread in colleges since they are thought-provoking, promote creative thinking, and require deep and not standard analysis. So, tutors often turn to them to understand how god their students grasp information and can manage it. 

How to Write a Good Compare and Contrast Essay? 

Nobody bans students from looking for services and appeals to them, “Help! Write my paper for cheap, please!” However, you may choose another way and cope with the task following our tips on how to compare and contrast in an essay. Like with any type, writing a compare and contrast essay has its particular demands. Here are some key issues crucial for successive writing.

  • Follow a well-known essay structuring formula: Introduction + body + conclusion.
  • For comparison, choose items that first seem unrelated, e.g., what is typical between tomato and watermelon. Perhaps the reader will be surprised that they are both berries! 
  • But for contrast, the best is to select almost similar things, like red and yellow tomatoes, and describe their distinct features, e.g., different vitamins in each sort of plant. 
  • Keep proper structure. There are two ways of content organization. You may describe one issue fully and then move to another (Block method) or present both cases (alternating method) known as point-by-point.
  • Brainstorm a catchy thesis to present in your compare and contrast essay.

Stick to the recommendations of compare and contrast essay writing, you will engage your readers and make them finish reading your creation due to the correct and uncommon manner of presenting obvious at-first-sight issues. 

Thesis Statement Formula for Compare and Contrast Essay

When you buy an essay, you don’t care about the correct thesis statement delivering this work to professionals. But facing an assignment of paper writing, you should know the main aspects. A thesis statement is an integral component of every single compare and contrast essay. It is a critical sentence that gives the idea of the essay content and gives the reader a clear image of what to expect from further reading. 

The thesis statement, as a rule, is at the end of the introductory part, and a reader may quickly identify it. If you want to grasp your audience’s attention, it is advisable to adhere to a specific formula in thesis statement writing. Remember, a good thesis as an integral part of compare and contrast essay is not just a restatement of the topic, but it is a mid-sentence that gives a hint but does not overload a reader.

A formula may help to organize the essay idea properly. First, highlight your topic, emphasize your similarities, then say which issue is better and back with an argument. Such an original approach that not only states what is similar and what is different will grasp the attention from the first lines. 

Good Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

During the process of writing compare and contrast essays, some students may need excellent samples of thesis statements to follow. Since the choice of compared objects is extended and such essays are assigned by teachers of different subjects, look at the following samples that you may adjust according to your topic.

Comparing the architecture of discussed buildings, we may state that they have much in common starting from their interior design and style, but let’s examine the function features that prevail in the first one due to the intelligent home system that is only the beginning of our investigation. 

As you may see, such a thesis statement shows the expert level of the writer and emphasizes the topic and critical features that will be discussed down the line. Why not read to the end?


In some situations, the process of compare and contrast essay writing may be a burden or become an exciting journey into the world of investigations to know more and share your achievements with others.

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