The Proud Sisterhood of Entrepreneurs – Supporting Women Through Direct Sales


The Proud Sisterhood of Entrepreneurs – Supporting Women Through Direct Sales

There’s an old adage about starting your own business: No one has ever found success on their own. It takes a community to be a successful entrepreneur—regardless of the industry—because all great businesses are based on people.

Every venture has its challenges. From concept to execution, there has never been an owner who hasn’t struggled with some element of running their business. It’s part of becoming an entrepreneur, and for those brave captains of industry, it’s not just a job—it’s part of their DNA.

The key to success is identifying your market (customers), targeting their demand, and providing a service. And for women looking to start their own businesses, many have found incredible success in direct sales.

The Benefits of Direct Sales

Direct sales companies, like USANA Health Sciences, offer women the opportunity to create their own business by selling award-winning products directly to their customers. Unlike traditional brick and mortar stores, direct sales creates a workplace that only requires passion and a smartphone.

With limited overhead costs, flexible schedules, and self-management, it’s a great way to ditch your boss and earn a modest supplemental income based on your efforts. Companies like USANA make it easy to manage inventory, shipping, and commissions. And for women with busy schedules, jobs, and families, they can work when and how they want. Many already do—you most likely already know a few!

But just like a traditional business, direct sales businesses have their share of challenges. Here are some tips to support your friends as they run their enterprises. Some tips are self-explanatory (buy more product from them!), but others are great conversation starters if you’re considering starting your own business. Remember: nothing worthwhile is easy, your support can make all the difference for these powerful entrepreneurs.

Purchase from Women-Owned Businesses

Okay, let’s get the easy one out of the way first: If you want to support women entrepreneurs, buy what they’re selling. It’s as simple as that—commerce is nothing more than goods and/or services being exchanged for cash. Well, open up your wallet and make a purchase! 

It shouldn’t be hard to find something you like. Anyone partnering with a direct sales company should be passionate about what they’re selling and have a story to tell about how that product has made their life better. 

For example, USANA Health Sciences manufactures top-quality nutritional supplementation and other lifestyle products. They have a loyal following of distributors and customers who rely on their supplements and skincare to help them live healthier lives and achieve their fitness goals. Plus, most of their distributors are women, and they’re passionate about sharing USANA’s vision with anyone and everyone. 

When you make a purchase from a USANA distributor, you’re not just getting scientifically developed nutritional supplements—you’re making ensuring the distributor is earning a commission, reaching their goals, and spreading the message of something they’re proud of.

Success begets success. And one sale can become the first of many as you find these products are a great addition to your lifestyle. 

Tweet It • Gram It • Link It

One of the biggest hurdles for direct sellers is getting their name out there. Few people start with an audience to buy millions of units. Frankly, if your last name isn’t Kardashian, you might have some trouble connecting with your potential customer base at first. But businesses grow—and your help can go a long way!

If you purchased nutritional supplements from a USANA distributor and liked the products or your experience, share it on social media. It doesn’t take much to post it on Instagram or link to your distributor’s information on Facebook. You can become their biggest supporter with a tweet, and it won’t cost you a cent or more than a minute.

Customer testimonials are a great way to support your friends in direct sales. Because direct sales is so dependent upon word of mouth, your recommendation can help convert the curious into committed customers. 

Become a Mentor

Leaders are made, not born. And even the most confident leader was once learning at the knee of their mentor. Mentorship is found in all walks of life, but most of these relationships are found in the business world.

If you have a sales, marketing, or communications background, share your knowledge with your direct seller friends who may be struggling. Even the best direct sales companies have processes or trainings that might be confusing. But with your leadership and council, you can support your friend toward a future of success.

Support Nonprofits

Many direct sales companies have charitable arms. It’s their way of giving back to the community and putting goodwill into the world. A popular nonprofit, USANA Foundation, provides meals to people suffering food insecurity and leverages their reach by introducing the company to potential customers.

It’s a win-win situation. By donating time and money to your distributor’s nonprofit arm, you’re helping those in need and supporting the direct sales industry.

Celebrate Their Success!

Recognition can sometimes feel like a limited resource. There never seems to be enough to go around—and a pat on the back can be just the push you need to keep going. Never miss an opportunity to recognize the hard work your friends in direct selling do each and every day—especially if it’s in tandem with the busyness of their day jobs and caring for their families.

It takes a community to be a successful entrepreneur, and with your help, support, and affection, you can support the women business owners in your life—and receive some great products in return!

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