Start Planning Your Podcast Like A Pro With These Helpful Tips


Start Planning Your Podcast Like A Pro With These Helpful Tips

Having a podcast is one of the best ways to get your name out there in the entertainment industry. Podcasts are the hottest thing in the entertainment business right now, but starting one can be difficult. Starting a successful podcast requires hard work and strategy. There’s so much to think about-the episode topics, guests, marketing, etc.-and it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? We’ve got you covered! Here are some great ways for planning your podcast like a pro, with valuable tips and advice from Libsyn.

1) Research Your Topic 

Know what you’re talking about before getting started. Take time and research your topic and interviewees thoroughly before recording. The more information and knowledge you have beforehand will make for a better show overall, as well as making it easier to come up with questions on the fly during an interview because of all that background material already stored in your brain. But don’t get too deep into research that inhibits your own thoughts and opinions. Your podcast is still YOUR podcast, so don’t be afraid to speak your mind!

2) The Guest Is As Important As The Topic

Seriously, the guest should be as important (if not more!) than the topic of the show. You want passionate people who are genuinely interesting and have stories to tell. Getting people who are not knowledgeable in the field you are discussing can come across as boring or lackluster for your audience, so be aware of that. Also, make sure your guest is willing to be interviewed! If they’re an expert on something but don’t want to be asked questions about it, then they’re not the right guest.

3) Use Coupons And Discount Codes To Promote Your Podcast

Use coupons and discount codes to help promote your podcast! This is a great way to get new listeners to come across your show. If you’re wondering how to find a discount code, do your research on the internet, there are plenty of resources out there! You have to find the one that will work best with your show, so take the time to research. Also, make sure you’re using different codes for each individual episode, as well as for the long run of the show itself. Use these codes during ads or other promotional materials, but don’t force them upon your guests because that will be off-putting to the viewer. People are more likely to remember codes if they are mentioned naturally instead of being pushed on them.

4) Be Creative With Your Intro

Your intro is THE first impression you make on your audience, so make it count! Think of a good way to start out the show-do you want a witty catchphrase? A question? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s memorable and gets your listeners hyped up for the upcoming show. So take your time with a good intro that will attract the right audience.

5) Keep Your Editing To The Minimum

On your way home from work, take time to listen to a few other podcasts and note their edits. If you think there’s too much editing going on, or not enough, then try recording another episode with no editing at all! You’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t, and the listeners will respond accordingly. It’s all about trial and error. You can also ask your audience directly to see how they feel about it!

6) Have A Plan Beforehand

Before you start recording, have a plan set out for each episode to make the whole process run more smoothly. This will allow you to not be scrambling around when it comes time to release your podcast. Also, always be sure to double-check your intro, topic, etc., before you start recording. You don’t want to have to re-record because you messed something up at the beginning, or didn’t introduce your topic properly. Everything should be planned out well in advance!

If you’re an aspiring podcaster, we hope this article has helped give you some tips for how to plan your podcast like a pro. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of what makes a great show, there are six main things: research on topics and interviewees, find passionate guests with interesting stories, use coupons and discount codes in promotional materials, have a creative intro that captures attention, keep editing at minimum or don’t edit at all and of course, have plans beforehand. It’s important not only to follow these principles when creating new episodes but also while coming up with marketing strategies too. These tips will help you create a great podcast and get people to tune in for more!

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