Using An Online Fax Service

5 Tips For Using An Online Fax Service


5 Tips For Using An Online Fax Service

The internet has changed the way people and businesses communicate significantly. With the advent of emails, fax seemed like a thing of the past. Although faxing is considered a traditional technology, some companies still use it as the primary mode of transmitting documents.  

Whilst some businesses still use traditional faxing machines, the physical process of faxing documents is both slow and tedious. Online faxing software is increasingly addressing this challenge by facilitating speedy faxing over the internet. Online fax software combines fax and the internet, effectively changing conventional faxing as we knew it.  

Companies that utilize this services enjoy a wide range of benefits, including reduced phone bills, lower maintenance costs, and secure document storage. Further, they eliminate the physical barriers that hinder round-the-clock access, allowing users to fax documents directly from their smartphones or computers anytime, anywhere.  

If you’re unsure about using online fax services, here are five tips to help you: 

1. Use It To Fax Via Email 

An easy way to leverage online fax services is to send faxes from your computer or smartphone via email. Email faxing is pretty straightforward; all you need is a subscription to a reliable this service like and a device that’s connected to the internet. 

The service provider receives the documents you wish to send and transfers them to the designated fax machine. You’ll need to provide the fax number and area and country code via email on the address bar to facilitate transmission.  

The service provider converts the email into online fax upon receiving the email. You may access faxed documents on the service provider portal.  

2. Integrate Online Fax Service With Google Workspace  

Most services come with the Google Fax function that allows users to send faxes to recipients via Google docs. This feature enables users to integrate online faxing with different services on Google Workspace, making it easier to fax directly from Google Sheets or Docs.  

This is a pretty simple process. You only need to install an add-on that’s specific to your service provider in Google Workspace  

This option offers companies that handle huge volumes of data high accessibility and ease of use. Google service integrations allow such businesses to transform their operation with online fax. The add-on will enable you to send or receive faxes via Google Sheets or Docs on your smartphone or computer. 

3. Send/Receive Faxes On Windows Or Mac Computer 

online fax service

Another advantage of online fax service is that it works with most available computer operating systems. Thus, it saves the company from incurring additional expenses from the need to purchase new office equipment.

You may use this services to send or receive faxed documents on Mac or Windows computers. Start by subscribing to online fax service and accessing its web portal or installing the software on your computer.  

Compose a new email and add your recipient’s fax number and location code to send online fax. Next, craft a brief cover letter and attach the documents you wish to fax. Once done, click the send button. The online fax service delivers the documents to your recipient’s fax machine within minutes.  

4. Leverage Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 

The other easy way to use an online fax service is sending documents via voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Most people associate VoIP with telephone services. However, it may be used to send online fax by simply dialling the recipient’s fax number, entering corresponding codes before the number, and adding their email address.  

The email address is necessary because it allows for the delivery of fax documents in the recipient’s inbox. When sending a fax using VoIP, a VoIP gateway converts signals from traditional fax machines into data packets transmitted via the internet. Once transferred, the data packets are converted back into analog signals that fax machines produce in printed formats. 

5. Send Faxes From Microsoft Office Applications 

Some online fax service providers allow companies to send documents from Microsoft 365 applications. You can fax documents from MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint programs through the’ email to fax’ function. You can download and install your service provider’s Microsoft Application add-in. 

Final Thoughts 

Introducing online faxing to your businesses can offer numerous benefits, including streamlining operations and increasing work efficiency at reduced costs. In addition, it eliminates physical barriers associated with traditional faxing machines and provides an effortless yet secure way to maintain an archive of faxed documents.  

But, to reap these benefits, you should get a reliable service. A good service provider offers secure website connections and cloud storage, allowing customers to use the web interface and store faxed data securely. If you plan to explore online faxing, the five tips highlighted above can help you maximize the online fax service you subscribe to.

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