Decide Between Office And Home

6 Ways To Help Decide Between Office And Home


Ways To Help Decide Between Office And Home

If you’re browsing new job options in your field, you may have noticed that some listings require an in-person, in-office presence, while others may allow you to work from home full-time. Deciding between an in-person job and a fully remote job may be more complicated than it seems, even if you have experience in both settings and are comfortable using key office technology such as a Microsoft teams virtual background. Although each work setting has its pros and cons, deciding which one is best for your needs and wants may boil down to a few key questions.

In Which Space Am I Most Productive?

If working in an office setting makes you feel stressed and exhausted, or if you feel excited at the thought of conducting virtual meetings and using a custom zoom background with logo every workday, you may already have a sense of which type of environment allows you to grow and thrive. However, it may not always be so clear-cut. In this case, write out pros and cons lists to gauge which space best supports:

  • Your daily output levels and general productivity
  • Your motivation levels
  • Your work product quality
  • Your feedback from higher-ups
  • Your state of mind during the workday

The Value Of Social Interaction In The Workplace

Just as having a virtual office background with logo can help demonstrate your company loyalty and pride, so, too, can coming to an office regularly demonstrate your involvement and dedication to your business. Social interaction in the workplace offers numerous pros, so be sure to take that value into consideration before accepting a fully remote job. For instance, working in person can help you:

  • Make professional connections and gradually expand your network
  • Form new friendships and reap the mental and emotional benefits of social activity
  • Establish a strong professional reputation and a workplace name for yourself

In the end, six key questions can help you decide between an in-person office job and a home office job. Make sure to ask yourself:

  1. Do you work best on your own, or do you thrive on social interaction and more dynamic, public settings?
  2. How do you feel about having a daily commute to the office?
  3. Does it make more financial sense to get an office job, which may pay more than some more jobs, or a remote job, which may allow you to save on expenses such as transportation, parking, and professional outfits?
  4. Are you able to communicate effectively with your managers without seeing them in person, and do you have the technological skills necessary to keep up remote communication?
  5. Do you prefer the set schedule of an in-person office job or the freedom and flexibility of setting your own schedule from home?
  6. Will a remote job allow you to further your career and reach your larger professional goals over time?

If you have the choice between taking an in-person office job or a fully remote, work-from-home job, you may be debating which setting would be ideal for your personality, skill set, and professional wants and needs. Both options have pros and cons, but choosing the ideal setting for yourself may come down to deciding which space allows you to be most productive, reach your professional goals, and ultimately thrive.

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