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What Are the Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business?


What Are the Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business? 

As a business serving your local market, the chances are that you are thriving within your community. But as the post-pandemic small business boom breathes new life into the economy, there has never been a better time to hone your competitive edge, establish an online presence, and set yourself up for growth. 

In all this, nothing plays a more important role than a well-designed local SEO strategy. Unsure if this is the right tool to invest in? 

Check out some of the benefits your business can reap through local search engine optimization. 

Before We Start: How to Get the Most from Your Local SEO

One of the greatest benefits of local SEO is that, virtually, any business could get started for free. From creating a Google My Business profile to signing up for directories like Yelp, and creating location-specific content, there are plenty of ways to start building an online presence. 

However, local SEO can be far more beneficial and impactful than just showing potential customers your opening times or service list! When it comes down to getting the most out of your local SEO efforts, working with a local digital marketing expert who understands the ins and outs of the local market and has experience in marketing your niche can be invaluable. 

For example, if you are looking for search engine optimisation in Melbourne, a marketing firm based in Victoria can help you implement a range of best-practice SEO based on your unique business goals and local market trends. 

Increased Organic Traffic To Your Website 

If you have a business website but you have no visitors, you are certainly not alone. According to estimates, over 90.6% of web pages get no organic traffic, and the ones that do might have to face unprecedentedly fierce competition. 

That’s where local SEO can help. Today, over 46% of Google searches are performed by users looking for local services and products, and implementing Local SEO best practices can boost your business’s ranking to the top of the result page. 

Pro tip: Local SEO is key to helping your business appear in the much sought-after 3-pack (or snack-pack), which is located at the top of the SERP and gets over 75% of all result page clicks!

Improved Conversion Rates 

Have you noticed that leads are checking out your website but are not taking action? Or your organic traffic volume does not match your sales volume? It might be because you are targeting the wrong audience! 

Local SEO can help your business appear in front of the eyes of those prospective customers already in the area and already looking for services like the ones you offer. That is why it isn’t surprising that over three-quarters of local searches convert into a visit to a business within 24 hours, and 28% of local searches lead to sales. 

More Reviews Potential Customers Can Access

Online reviews and conversion rates go hand in hand. Collecting Google reviews (especially positive ones) can improve your local SEO ranking, thus making your website more visible and accessible. Vice-versa, nearly 90% of users report reading online reviews before committing to a purchase, thus boosting your sales. 

Local SEO, and tools like Google My Business, can make it easier for your existing and new customers to leave and check reviews, which can improve your credibility and chances to acquire new customers. 

Improved Credibility, Reputation, and Brand Awareness

If you are looking to promote your business locally and bypass the competition, local SEO is an arrow in your quiver you can’t miss out on. Through Local SEO, your site can climb google ranking and establish a more solid online presence, which allows prospective customers to immediately find your brand as they perform their search, on both mobile and desktop.

What’s more, unlike other marketing strategies, local SEO delivers long-lasting results – for as long as you keep your profile and NAP+W (Nap, Address, Phone number, and Website) information up to date and you continue optimizing your website for local searches. 

Reduced Marketing Costs and Cost Per Acquisition

No matter whether you are running a growing international business or a small brick-and-mortar shop, marketing will be one of your main expenses. Switching from traditional marketing tools (such as banners, flyers, and billboards) to digital tools like local SEO can help you save money – and boost revenue by laser-targeting leads who are prepared to buy!

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