Why Should Your Nonprofit Organization Start Using Snapchat?


Why Should Your Nonprofit Organization Start Using Snapchat?

Non Profit organizations or non-business entities provide services without generating profit for their owners. Instead, these organizations work towards social benefits for the public in general. Being an organization, they need their good works to reach the human ear, and social media is the perfect tool for promoting the non-profits. 

Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can be used for promotion. Still, they are usually too populated by significant businesses and sometimes too flamboyant for a non-profit. Snapchat, on the other hand, another primary social media source, can be the perfect choice for non-profits to use as it allows reach a new audience in a new, more visually appealing way. 

How Does Snapchat Work?

Snapchat, an app that can be identified by a little white ghost icon within a yellow square, is used to communicate with people worldwide using texts, images and videos. The app lets a user 10 seconds of picture or video content to their friends added to Snapchat. 

These contents are known as ‘snaps’; if they are sent to a particular individual, they can only be viewed by that individual. If a ‘snap’ is posted publicly or on the ‘story’ section, all the added friends can view that story. Snaps posted as stories have no limit, so one can post as much as they want.

Snapchat provides a very secure platform to interact with one another. Photos and videos sent through the app will disappear after being viewed. It is possible to replay the content, but the app will notify the sender if a screenshot is taken. Stories posted on the app have a duration of 24 hours. If it is not viewed in that period, the report will disappear. 

The catch of Snapchat is the limited lifespan of its content. However, this allows users to post stories without the fear of scrutiny. Thus, non-profit organizations can publish stories about their work, and people can view those posts and connect with organizations if they so desire.

Why Should Nonprofits Use Snapchat?

Snapchat may not be the organization’s primary means of promotion and connection with the people at large, but it can have these benefits. 

The statistics of Snapchat demonstrate its immense potential. Some of them are, 

  • There are 265 million daily active Snapchat users worldwide as of Q4 2020.
  • It is the most popular social network among teens. Almost 6 in 10 or 59% of all United States internet users from 13 to 24 years use Snapchat. 
  • More than 210 million ‘snaps’ are created every day.
  • In 2020 alone, there had been more than 300 million downloads of the app. 
  • Lastly, on average, a daily active user of Snapchat will use the phone’s camera to send a ‘snap’ more than 20 times a day.

If these numbers are not enough to impress someone, here are further benefits that Snapchat provides for one’s organization. 

  • Reaching a New Audience

Snapchat is immensely popular between the ages of 13- to 30-year-olds. For example, almost 46 percent of the United Kingdom’s teens use Snapchat weekly, and 59% of the United States States’s it daily. This makes the app one of the most popular social media outlets.

Owing to security policies and child protection, even if direct interaction is not carried out with younger than 18, the ‘story’ feature on Snapchat can increase outreach because it is available to everyone directly. 

  • New Way of Connection

The visual appeal and intimate appeal due to posting ‘stories’ publicly or sending ‘snaps’ privately give an organization the freedom to experiment with different types of content. Since there is a short lifespan, 24 hours later all stories will disappear, and the risk of failure is subsequently low. 

Using ‘stories,’ Snapchat can be used to show what the organization is about, what it does and how it does it. One can also take a moment to be funny on this app and show off the nonprofit’s sense of humour. 

  • Capturing Users’ Attention

Snapchat can keep its users captivated because its content disappears after a day. If one hasn’t seen it within the day, one never sees it. Thus, Snapchat users tend to pay more attention than other social media users. Users also cannot figure out the content of the ‘snaps’ until they open said ‘snap.’ Thus, organizations are more likely to reach the public through Snapchat than through email.

How to Start using Snapchat?

Using Snapchat is very easy. First, one must download it and sign up to claim a username. Then, to access certain app features, location services need to be turned on, and filters need to be enabled. 

Once the signing-up process is done, a custom ‘snapcode’ has to be created for the organization. The ‘snapcode’ allows the people at large to add the nonprofit organization as a Snapchat friend by scanning the code and following the subsequent processes mentioned within the app. 

Once ‘Snapchat’ has been created and has gained some familiarity, the nonprofit’s outreach efforts can start using the app. The steps that should be followed to ensure the outreach are as follows… 

  • Make it Known

First and foremost, people must be aware that the nonprofit is on Snapchat. A blog can be written on the organization’s website, informing everyone about being on Snapchat. In addition, the post can be promoted on other social media outlets, and other methods of communication are used. 

The Snapchat icon should be added next to the other social media icons on the website, and the link for the Snapchat profile should be embedded along with the username mentioned. This will take people to an in-app page where they can add the nonprofit as friends. 

  • Add Friends

As people begin adding the nonprofit as their Snapchat friends, they should be interacted with and add back as friends. It should be kept in mind that the organization will mostly share its content on ‘stories’ and not as ‘snaps’ in personal messages. Thus, mutual friendship isn’t as necessary as having more contacts to make the organization more popular. 

  • Start Sharing

Social media is about being social, and Snapchat is about sharing stories. Share the first ‘snap’ on the stories section, introducing the world of Snapchat to the nonprofit organization. A text can be added to the ‘snap’ explaining the ‘snap.’ All the organization members can also be asked to share. Volunteers or new interns can share their experiences with the organization on their ‘stories.’ 

  • Experiment

The content needs to be exciting and fresh for people to retain their attention. Along with photos, short videos about the organization in action can also be shared. Since it is a nonprofit, it seeks to send a message about social benefits. The organization can have its followers send snaps supporting its mission. This will boost morale, and people will learn more about the good cause. Snaps can be used to thank donors and lend a sneak peek at exclusive content such as early bird price offers on tickets to the next event or teaser of the next campaign. Snaps can be made more fun by adding stickers and emojis to them. 

  • Analyzing Response

After having followed all the previous steps for some time, the organization can understand how well the ‘snaps’ are being received. They can do so by monitoring who has seen the stories and by viewing the replies on the stories. The wonderful Snapchat support can also lend a helping hand here and help the organization realize their progress. 

It might take the nonprofit organization some time to acquaint themselves with Snapchat and use it in its best way. Still, once the mechanics have been mastered, Snapchat provides a better chance to reach new audiences and make the organization more well-known. 


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