Sustainable Seafood Champions: 10 Chefs and Restaurants Promoting Responsible Fishing


Restaurants Promoting Responsible Fishing

The global movement towards sustainable living has sparked a heightened focus on responsible fishing practices, with a particular emphasis on the well-being of our oceans and marine ecosystems. In this top list, we proudly showcase 10 exceptional chefs and restaurants who are leading the charge in promoting responsible fishing and advocating for sustainable seafood choices.

Join us as we celebrate these 10 Sustainable Seafood Champions and their remarkable contributions to the culinary landscape. From innovative seafood preparations to transformative dining experiences, they are paving the way toward a future where responsible fishing practices and exceptional dining coexist harmoniously, ensuring the long-term vitality of our oceans for generations to come.

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Eric Ripert – Le Bernardin

Eric Ripert is a renowned chef and co-owner of Le Bernardin, a world-famous seafood restaurant in New York City. Ripert is dedicated to sustainable seafood practices and emphasizes the use of responsibly sourced fish. Le Bernardin has earned multiple Michelin stars and is known for its elegant and refined approach to seafood cuisine.

You can visit this restaurant at 155 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019.


Eric Ripert - Le Bernardin











Barton Seaver – Hook Hall

Barton Seaver is a chef and sustainable seafood advocate, and he showcases his commitment at Hook Hall in Washington, D.C. Seaver emphasizes locally sourced ingredients and collaborates with fishermen who practice responsible fishing methods. Hook Hall offers a welcoming atmosphere and a menu that highlights the flavours of seasonal, sustainably harvested seafood.

You can visit this restaurant at 3400 GEORGIA AVE. NW WASHINGTON, D.C.


Barton Seaver - Hook Hall










José Andrés – Oceanaire Seafood Room

José Andrés, a prominent chef and humanitarian, has made sustainable seafood a priority at Oceanaire Seafood Room, which has locations across the United States. The restaurant focuses on serving fresh seafood sourced from responsible fisheries. With an elegant ambiance and a wide selection of seafood offerings, Oceanaire Seafood Room showcases the importance of sustainable dining.

You can visit this restaurant at different locations. Find them by clicking here.

José Andrés - Oceanaire Seafood Room









Michael Cimarusti – Providence

Michael Cimarusti is the chef-owner of Providence, a celebrated seafood restaurant in Los Angeles. Cimarusti is dedicated to promoting sustainable fishing practices and maintaining a responsible seafood menu. Providence is known for its innovative and beautifully presented dishes that highlight the best of sustainably sourced fish and seafood.

You can visit this restaurant at 5955 MELROSE AVENUE, L.A., CALIFORNIA 90038


Michael Cimarusti - Providence










Ned Bell – Naramata Inn

Ned Bell is a Canadian chef known for his commitment to sustainable seafood. At Naramata Inn in British Columbia, Bell focuses on showcasing locally sourced, responsibly caught fish and seafood. His culinary creations highlight the flavours of the region while promoting sustainable fishing practices.

You can visit this restaurant at 3625 1 St, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0


Ned Bell - Naramata Inn










Jennifer Jasinski – Rioja

Jennifer Jasinski is a chef known for her commitment to sustainable cuisine. At Rioja in Denver, she incorporates responsibly sourced seafood into her menu, highlighting the flavours of the Mediterranean. Jasinski’s culinary expertise and dedication to sustainable practices create a memorable dining experience.

You can visit this restaurant at 1431 Larimer Street, Denver colorado


Jennifer Jasinski - Rioja










Michael Leviton – Lumière

Michael Leviton is a chef and restaurateur who promotes sustainable seafood practices at Lumière in West Newton. Leviton focuses on locally sourced ingredients and partners with responsible fishermen to offer a seafood-centric menu that reflects the changing seasons and showcases the best sustainable options available.

You can visit this restaurant at 2025 Avenue of the Stars,
Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Michael Leviton - Lumière









Mike Lata – FIG

Mike Lata is a chef who champions sustainable seafood at FIG in Charleston. Lata collaborates with local fishermen and utilizes responsibly caught fish in his menu offerings. FIG presents a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy an array of seafood dishes prepared with a focus on seasonality and sustainability.

You can visit this restaurant at 232 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401


Mike Lata - FIG











Bun Lai – Miya’s Sushi

Bun Lai is a sushi chef known for his commitment to sustainable seafood and innovative culinary creations. At Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, Lai incorporates responsibly harvested seafood and promotes the use of invasive species as a sustainable alternative. Miya’s Sushi offers a unique and environmentally conscious sushi experience.

You can visit this restaurant at 68 Howe Street, New Haven, CT


Bun Lai - Miya's Sushi










Barton G. Weiss – Barton G. The Restaurant

Barton G. Weiss is a chef and restaurateur who emphasizes sustainable seafood practices at his restaurant in Miami, Florida. Barton G. The Restaurant showcases responsibly sourced fish and seafood in a whimsical and theatrical dining setting. The menu features creative and visually stunning dishes prepared with a focus on sustainability.

You can visit this restaurant at 1427 West Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139


Barton G. Weiss - Barton G. The Restaurant











These 15 chefs and restaurants exemplify the essence of sustainable seafood and responsible fishing. Their unwavering dedication to preserving our oceans and promoting ethical sourcing sets them apart as true champions. Let their inspiring efforts serve as a reminder to make conscious seafood choices and contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

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