People that are Changing the World

Top 15 People that are Changing the World in 2023


People that are Changing the World

In a world where change is constant and often challenging, some individuals are making a positive impact and changing the course of history. These 15 people have dedicated their lives to improving the world around us, using their talents, skills, and passion for making a difference. From advocating for social justice to promoting environmental sustainability, these changemakers inspire us all to strive for a better future. Here are the top 15 people that are changing the world in 2023.

1. Shirley Raines

Shirley Raines is an advocate for unhoused people in the US. Although tragedy led her to this path, she founded Beauty 2 the Streetz, a nonprofit providing hair and makeup services, food, clothing, hygiene, and safety items to thousands of homeless people weekly.

After losing her two-year-old son, Shirley was motivated to support and advocate for unhoused people. She described her nonprofit as pain-driven, and that’s why she fights so hard for it. Six years later, Raines’ work has profoundly impacted the Skid Row community, providing a community for unhoused people to call their own

2. Lindsay Rose Medoff

She is a changemaker, leading the charge against the fast-fashion industry with her L.A.-based sew shop. She founded Suay Sew Shop; the shop recycles thousands of pounds of textile waste every week and provides a national repair program for clothing items.

In addition, Lindsay Rose Medoff’s shop sells linen quilts made entirely from post-consumer waste. Amid the pandemic, Medoff initiated a food distribution program that feeds over 200 garment workers and their families weekly.

3. Franziska Trautmann

She was still a college student when she became frustrated by the lack of a glass recycling program in her city of New Orleans. So instead of simply complaining, she took action and founded the city’s first glass recycling plant, Glass Half Full, with the help of her friends.

The company collects glass in New Orleans and converts it into beach-like sand and glass cullet, new glass products, and more. Today, Glass Half Full is positively impacting the environment and the community by providing a much-needed solution for glass recycling in the city.


Franziska Trautmann

Source: Glass Half Full


4. Susana António and Angelo Campota

Together they founded A Avó Veio Trabalhar, or “Grandma Came to Work,” in Lisbon, which provides a platform for over 70 grandmothers to sell their artisanal products and run craft workshops.

The organization’s ethos is built on the idea that age is a superpower, which aims to counteract feelings of abandonment and loneliness among its members. Their recent fundraising campaign has ensured that they can continue to operate for another year, helping to combat isolation and promote community among the elderly in a rapidly ageing city.

5. Kennedy Odede

She is a well-known changemaker, community organizer and social entrepreneur in Africa, having founded Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO). Through SHOFCO, Kennedy Odede leads a grassroots movement that seeks to enhance the dignity, physical wellness, and opportunities of those living in urban slums in Kenya.

SHOFCO adopts an integrated approach to transform urban slums by linking direct services, such as health care, clean water, and girls’ education, with a community-based organizing platform. This approach provides a comprehensive solution to improve the living conditions of urban slum dwellers.

6. Dasia Taylor

Also known as “Thee Head Nerd,” a STEM advocate and young innovator attends Iowa City West High School. At 17, she developed a surgical suture that can detect infections, earning her several national and international awards.

With a focus on global health equity, Dasia Taylor aspires for colour-changing sutures to help patients detect surgical site infections early and receive timely medical care for the most significant impact.


Dasia taylor

Source: Society for Science


7. Sidney Keys

His love for reading made him realize that many of his peers, especially boys, struggle with reading. To address this issue, Sidney Keys founded Books n Bros, a reading club that promotes African American literature and supports boys in their reading journey.

In addition to encouraging literacy within Black culture, Books n Bros also teaches essential skills such as entrepreneurship and financial literacy, opening up endless possibilities for its members.

8. Alex Stephany

He founded Beam, an online platform that crowdfunds employment training for homeless people, after becoming friends with a man sleeping rough outside his local tube station. He realized that small gestures like offering a hot drink wouldn’t make a significant difference, so he created Beam.

The platform aims to help those who have long been unemployed by connecting them with people willing to offer support. Alex Stephany believes that if everyone contributes, it will significantly impact.

9. Rana Dajani

Founder and Director of We Love Reading (WLR), Dr. Rana Dajani recognized the need for solutions to the lack of pleasure reading among children in the Middle East. She used her scientific background to research the problem and discovered that reading aloud to children was a highly effective solution.

From this, she founded WLR, which has since spread to 63 countries worldwide and has brought the joy of reading to nearly half a million children, including young refugees in Jordan. Through WLR, Dajani is creating systems change by changing mindsets and creating changemakers through reading.


Dr Rana Dajani

Source: © UNHCR


10. Clarice Phelps and Candice Halbert

Both chemists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee devote their free time to YO-STEM, a nonprofit founded by Candice seven years ago that provides science, technology, engineering, and math education to underserved Knoxville-area youth.

Candice Halbert aims to broaden students’ career choices through exposure to diverse individuals and subjects. At the same time, Phelps emphasizes the importance of representation in breaking down barriers for future generations. Their work prepares students for future employment opportunities and encourages growth in STEM fields, which makes them people changing the world.

11. Mikaela Jade

Mikaela Jade, founder and CEO of Indigital in Australia, has developed a groundbreaking augmented reality program that unlocks 80,000 years of ancient wisdom and stories. The Indigital Schools program integrates Indigenous cultural knowledge, language, and law with frontier technology education, making it the first program in Australia.

By preserving and proliferating generations of knowledge, Jade aims to empower First Peoples in education and build a stronger future for all, creating opportunities for skills, jobs, and wealth creation.

12. Finn Ross

He is the founder of Carbonz and is on a mission to fight against climate change. Finn Ross has poured his experience from past startups into his latest venture, Aotearoa’s first carbon credit exchange, Carbonz. The platform provides fully traceable and tradeable native carbon credits to support native biodiversity, water quality and the fight against climate change.

For Ross, the real action is key, and he hopes to inspire companies to spend more of their sustainability budgets on taking swift and meaningful action.


Finn Ross

Source: Finn Ross’s LinkedIn


13. Victor Dewulf

Talking about people changing the world, he created a waste recognition and sorting system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that enhances recycling procedures. Using algorithms, the sorting accuracy surpasses traditional technology and can differentiate between food-grade and non-food-grade plastics.

Victor Dewulf’s innovation, Recycleye, allows for a greater volume of waste to be recycled, decreasing the production and utilization of carbon-intensive materials.

14. David Yeung

He founded the Green Monday campaign, encouraging Hong Kong residents to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by advocating for meatless Mondays. The campaign has been incredibly successful, with nearly half Hong Kong’s population now aware of it.

David Yeung’s work is changing Hong Kong’s food culture and consumer behaviour, promoting green, healthy, and sustainable living in one of Asia’s trendsetting cities.

15. Aria Finger

Business leader, entrepreneur, and strategist, currently serving as Chief of Staff to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. Previously, as CEO of, Aria Finger provided over 5 million pairs of jeans for homeless youth.

She also founded DoSomething Strategic, an innovative social impact consulting agency; that leveraged the deep understanding of social trends gained through interaction with millions of young people to drive clients’ business goals through purpose frameworks.


Aria Finger

Source: Aria Finger


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