20 Major Companies That Are Helping The World

20 Major Companies That Are Helping The World


20 Major Companies That Are Helping The World

With the massive power and resources these companies have acquired over time, they have decided to give back to society in a generous and charitable way. These companies are working tirelessly every day to make the world a better place.
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#20 Wells Fargo

An American international banking company that has committed to donating between 1.2% and 1.5% of its annual earnings! The company also orchestrates and works with multiple charities both nationally and internationally.

#19 JP Morgan

JP Morgan has a strong focus on social investing and has generously given loans to several development projects and economic recovery organizations. JP Morgan encourages their employees to work on impactful projects regarding financial planning and human resource systems that improve the well-being of society.


#18 BP Oil Company

A London based Oil & Gas Company which is also the fifth largest company in the world! BP is sharing their wealth according to their size and capacity. They have different programs such as the Fundraising Match Program and also the  BP Foundation which helps communities all around the world in the fields of humanitarian relief, education and economic development.

#17 Intercontinental Hotels

With programs like the Intercontinental Grant program and Intercontinental Corporate Responsibility program, the International hotel chain has consistently been giving back to society. They support charities in the areas of environmental sustainability, economic development and disaster relief. They also help startups and individuals to build their careers.


#16 General Mills

This food based company helps food producers in less developed countries in Africa (and other areas) produce safe and healthy food. Their most recent global responsibility initiatives have targeted global food safety, community safety, and clean water initiatives. To add to that, General Mills has dedicated an entire foundation towards working on agriculture and natural resources.

#15 Coca Cola

The world’s most famous company has done a lot of good for the world! Coca Cola has taken a strong role towards protecting the environment, growing undeveloped countries, and spreading happiness across the world. The Coca Cola Foundation has also set up multiple grant programs that focus on healthy living, education, recycling and disaster relief.


#14 Sea World

From the moment Sea World came to fruition, there had always been on consistent factor: a genuine love for wildlife. With this love has dedicated significant amounts of time and money towards habitat protection, species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation.



#13 CVS Pharmacy

CVS has played a major role in the areas of healthcare, education and local community issues. They have organized many different medical camps in under developed areas. The CVS health foundation also issues scholarships for pharmacy students.

cvs pharmacy

#12 Bank of America

The Bank of America is the second largest bank in the United States providing banking and financial services worldwide. This bank also has a separate Bank of America Charitable Foundation that is dedicated to provide aid to those less fortunate by providing food, healthcare, education, and much more.



#11 American Airlines

American Airlines has adopted a Global Giving Strategy and dedicated their corporate philanthropy to human services. They focus on 5 main areas: breast cancer awareness, military, veterans, employee volunteerism, disaster relief while also working with multiple non-profit organization to make the world a better place.

#10 Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is an airline and that has adopted a unique way of doing charity. They have provided medical transportation grants to nonprofit hospitals and other reputable medical transportation organizations. They are famously known for giving donations to military families, disaster relief and providing education to those who cannot afford it.


#9 Whole Foods

The philanthropy program of Whole Foods revolves around 2 things, helping communities and spreading awareness about nutrition and healthy foods. On a consistent basis, Whole Foods donates gift cards and food products to people in need. They also have a dedicated Whole Kids Foundation to help kids and their families improve the quality of their food and nutrition.



#8 Best Buy

Best Buy has given back to society in so many amazing ways! From charitable donations to collaborating with charities, Best Buy has emerged as a world leader in giving back to society. They have been known to issue national grants and community grants to other nonprofit organizations while also encouraging their employees to  volunteer for nonprofit organizations.

best buy


#7 Microsoft

Microsoft, the most remarkable technology company of this century has continued to aid society in multiple ways.  Through various programs, seminars and campaigns, Microsoft has a had a strong goal towards making education reachable for everyone in the world. To add to that goal, Microsoft also provides services for humanitarian relief and disaster management. Microsoft works with other nonprofit organizations to spread its message of global help and prosperity.


#6 Kohl’s

Kohl’s has partnered with hospitals, nonprofit organizations, and and other programs to help provide aid to families all across America. Their specialized gift card program, “Kohl’s Care” was designed with the goal of helping underdeveloped societies. Their employees are also encouraged to volunteer for services that better the world.


#5 Google

Google has created a number of organizations and platforms to help communities worldwide in a number of ways. From installing Wi-Fi along the refugee routes in Europe, to helping startup companies get on their feet, Google is doing everything it can to give back to society. Google has a number of organizations like Alphabet and Google Dot Org which provide funding to different sectors in agriculture, disaster relief and much more.


#4 Amazon

Amazon launched its world-famous Amazon Smile program in 2013, which gave 5% of purchases made by customers to charity. Amazon gives donations to nonprofit organizations, disaster relief campaigns and others programs to help communities worldwide.

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#3 Walmart

Walmart under their community grant program, donates more than 1.3 billion dollars annually globally. Walmart also helps a number of nonprofit organizations in achieving their charitable goals. In collaboration with anti-hunger charities such as Feeding America, Walmart donates food, refrigerated trucks and other logistics to help people in need.



#2 Starbucks

Starbucks, using their corporate philanthropy program provides different opportunities for young people, college communities, veterans and farmers. They also have a separate program known as the Starbucks Foundation which gives grants to various nonprofit organizations to support different communities including coffee, tea and cocoa communities around the world.

#1 Disney

Disney’s volunteer grant program encourages its employees to volunteer in their communities and in return Disney rewards their efforts in the form of generous donations to nonprofits. As a children’s associated brand, Disney is committed to provide hope and comfort to deserving kids and families. They donate large amounts of money to nonprofits specified for children and also donate books to children across the world.


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