20 Vancouver Based Entrepreneurs With Incredible Personal Brands


To complete 2018, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 Vancouver based entrepreneurs with the best personal brands. This list includes individuals from almost every industry, profession, and recognition.

(This list is no-particular-order)

Daniel Dubois

Dubois is a social entrepreneur who has had a passion for business since he was 12. At that age, he launched 2 clothing brands and successfully grew them into large brands before High school. Today, his passion lay in community collaboration and change making.

Most of Dubois time is spent creating a social website called Share Shed. In a Globe and Mail article he said, “I want to grow ShareShed to be the Airbnb for all items”, he said in an interview. As soon as you need access to something, before you go out and buy it and have it sit for 98% of the year, unused, you can use ShareShed….you connect with a neighbour and rent it off them”.



Tara Bosch

Bosch is the founder of Smart Sweets- a healthy candy alternative to traditional sweets. Her unique gummy bears have little sugar and are found in Whole Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Bed, Bath & beyond.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur was inspired to launch from a very young age when she grew up with an unhealthy relationship with food.

Today her company is expanding into many stores. She has won numerous awards including BMO Celebrating Woman, Thiel Fellowship, The Next Big Thing Foundation and many more.



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Shanil Guansekera

Guansekera is the CEO and Co-founder at eTreatMD. He currently leads product development operations, development and strategy in Asia. He moved to Canada and studied biometric engineering. Soon afterwards he entered the medical industry with an idea to utilize phones to become medical instruments.

eTreatMD is a digital health company that builds mobile apps and cloud-based processing to turn mobile phones into true medical devices. Guansekera utilizes a smartphone’s camera to track arthritis symptoms through hand movements over a period of time.


Ashley Wiles

Wiles is one of the toughest entrepreneurs we have seen in the Canadian market. The 2x Ironwoman is a life coach, youth speaker and Mentor continues to push herself daily. She has spoken at large speaking engagements, such as TedX, and currently runs Sole Girls. The company runs weekly Sessions, Camps and Workshops for girls aged 6-12 to develop them into healthy, confident, and strong leaders.

Much of her online success can be contributed to articles and her blog. The Globe and Mail named her Top 10 Most Promising Entrepreneurs 2013,  Top 20 in 2015 Canada Emerging Innovators from American Express and IMPACT Magazine named her top 5 motivators in Canada 2016.





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Shakeria (Saschie) MacLean

MacLean is a well-known communication and marketing professional in Vancouver and New York City. As a digital marketing expert, the entrepreneur has developed her personal brand by working with organizations in fashion, travel, hospitality and technology.

Today, she works for Tourism Canada and has co-founded RSVP 33- a dance class studio chain with 5 locations in 3 Canadian cities. Their dance classes have been quoted as one of the most fun and energetic workouts on Classpass.


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Dan Lok

Lok is a leader of the global economic movement, with a passion to make millennials secure financial success. The world-class entrepreneur has grown a Youtube channel to over 1 million users and has now appeared in speaking engagements around the world. When it comes to building 8 figure empires, he one of the most sought-after consultants.

Today the Real Estate expert continues to grow his international businesses while providing his audience with courses, speaking engagements, videos and mentorship.


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Sara Panton

Panton started her journey into entrepreneurship while studying in medical school. Her understanding of indigenous botanicals from work at We.org and her degree in Global Health helped her create an entire line of essential oils.

Today, her company Vitruvi has sold in 300+ stores internationally. She sits on the board of UNICEF Innovation, advisor to the SFU Change Innovation Centre and United Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship group.

Much of her personal brand growth can be contributed to digital interviews and online articles about her companies growth. Forbes, Vogue, and Women’s Health are just a few to name.



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Mark Schutzbank

The MSC graduate started his journey into Canadian entrepreneurship when he invested in the economic viability of urban farming. Mark took the opportunity to work with Fresh Roots Farms to develop a green thumb business model.

The non-profit organization works with school communities to create healthy eating, ecological stewardship, volunteering, leadership development and job skill training.

He has grown his personal brand by closing two agreements with the Vancouver School Board to establish two educational farms. The financial guru now acts as the Director for the Urban Farm Society.


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April Bellia

Bellia is a serial entrepreneur who is known as the cake queen and granola goddess. Over the past 20 years, the consultant has helped entrepreneurs grow their brand by teaching companies to optimize their efficiency.

Today the mother of 3 runs a blog, podcasts, and Granola Girl- a Vancouver made granola blend that is made with natural and organic ingredients. The product has expanded into over 250+ stores and has lead to the creation of Granola Girl Foundation.


Meghan Currie

Currie is a creator who has perfected the art of teaching Yoga online. her Youtube channel and social media accounts have garnished her an enormous following of individuals who seek the electric entrepreneur’s knowledge. Her Yoga style is an unexpected blend of strong and playful.

Her passion for Yoga enabled her to open yoga shops around the world. Her blog and courses allow her followers to perfect their journey with step-by-step instructions and written guidance from Currie. Her videos are some of the most educational and highest production quality we’ve seen from a Top List individual.



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Konstantin Egorov

Egorov is one of the most talented photographers we have ever quoted in our Top 20 list. The Vancouver based wedding photographer creates magical photos for newly married couples. If you want to see just some of his extraordinary work, look no further than his Instagram page. The entrepreneur emphasizes a fusion of undeniable class, glamours style and a fashionable, modern charm.

His personal brand has grown over the years through the use of social media. As a photographer, Egor has utilized the best medium to showcase work and grow his personal brand.

Unlike most photographers, Egorov provides his customers with completely unique and one-of-a-kind photos. We have decided to feature him because his creations are a work-of-art that use no cookie-cutter approach to save time.




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Kristin Vandegriend

Vandegrind is a trusted career advisor with over 12 years of experience in human resources, recruitment and career fields. She has grown her personal brand over the years by partnering with organizations and non-profits to provide affordable outplacement services.

The entrepreneur knows how to build industry professionals and is the go-to woman for any career-related questions. From organizational behaviour to psychology, Vanderfrind is a trained narrative career counsellor.

Today, the career coach write articles for hiring managers and has been featured in Woman in Male-dominated Industries, and BC Career Development Association.



Mike Stewart:

Stewart has been a Top Vancouver Realtor since 2005. His business runs a global marketing plan for selling houses that have been proven to reduce selling times for homeowners on the market. His company understands proper SEO optimization for his clients and runs Google advertisements properly.

Today the realtor has been a member of the Real Estate Board of Vancouver’s Medallion Club, a Century 21 Centurion since 2006, and was ranked #4 in the Century 21 Canada System in terms of properties sold.

Stewart has developed a great personal brand through a series of negotiation skills, professionalism and attention to detail.



Linus Sebastian

Sebastian one of the most successful YouTubers in the history of Youtube, who is also a personal favourite from the team at Influence Digest. We’ve been following Linus Tech Tips for over 5 years, at his has become synonymous with tech troubleshooting.

Today, Sebastian provides his viewers with reviews, unboxings, commercial production, event coverage, and custom tech build videos.

The producer and Youtube personality has founded Linus Media Group and runs over 3 channels that have accumulated over 10 million subscribers. His personal brand has continued to his growth on this platform with his total views exceeding 2 billion.

Kate Ross & Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

The powerhouse couple began their journey into entrepreneurship in 1992, with the creation of Saje Natural Wellness. Due to continuous perseverance, the couple was able to adapt to market demands and become the largest Canadian retailer of essential oils. With over 100 stores located in Canada and parts of The United States, the couple strives to teach communities about the healing powers of 100% natural  plant-derived products

Saje Natural Wellness has been featured in hundreds of articles, with its Instagram page boasting almost 200K followers. The couple also has a knack for understanding customer support with an incredible approach to a the in-store experience.

The marketing gurus have some of the best-packaged products and interior designed stores our team has seen in recent years. – If you haven’t already tried their peppermint halo, we highly recommend it.


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Barinder Rasode

Rasode is the co-founder of Grow Tech Labs and the CEO of NICHE Canada. The mother of 2 has been at the forefront of the cannabis legalization and was recently nominated Vancouver 50 Most Powerful People by Vancouver Magazine. Grow Tech is currently a world leader in cannabis and is working with the government and private companies to build proper infrastructures to support growth. NICHE, is an independent, non-profit organization that provides impartial and evidence-based research about cannabis production and use in Canada.

As a household face, the entrepreneur had developed her personal brand by supporting start-ups in B.C and being featured in numerous articles and interviews.





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Gill Polard

Polard is the founder The Herb Life- a blog that creates content within the Cannabis Space. As an activist, her companies focus is to celebrate the feminine cannabis experience, while promoting inclusivity, diversity and amplifying.

The entrepreneur’s blog has grown over the years and provides its users with well-written content discussing design, marketing, and the startup culture. Polard was able to identify that there was a lack of platforms discussing woman’s achievements in the cannabis industry.

By creating a lifestyle blog that encapsulates the feminine cannabis experience, she was able to develop her personal brand and grow her presence online.

The Herb Life provides its viewers with great advice for woman-owned businesses. The influencer also co-owns The High Friends Podcast, which is a great listen for any women interested in cannabis.



Jodie Emery

Emery is another amazing female cannabis rights activist politicians who created Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot TV, Emery Direct Seeds, The B.C Marijuana Party and the B.C.M.P Headshop.

With the help of her husband, Marc Emery, the couple has fought through numerous backlashes regarding their cannabis legalization campaigning.

Emery’s personal brand has grown through conventional media platforms. As a politician and activist, she has dedicated her entire adult life to end cannabis prohibition through public speaking engagements, writing, education and debates. Just like Polard, she has provided the government with extraordinary research and discussion.

Emery spends much of her time on CTV News and CBC News to educate users on proper consumption.


Gabor Mate

Dr. Mate Gabor Maté (pronounced GAH-bor MAH-tay) is a retired physician who, after 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience, worked for over a decade in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side with patients challenged by drug addiction and mental illness. The bestselling author of four books published in twenty-five languages, Gabor is an internationally renowned speaker highly sought after for his expertise on addiction, trauma, childhood development, and the relationship of stress and illness. His book on
addiction received the Hubert Evans Prize for literary non-fiction. For his groundbreaking medical work and writing, he has been awarded the Order of Canada, his country’s highest civilian distinction, and the Civic Merit Award from his hometown, Vancouver.



Michael Bentley

Bentley is the current president at SierraSil Health Inc- a company that produces SierraSil(R), a pure natural mineral complex from volcanic deposits in the US Sierras. Their products have become a leader in Canadian NHF retailers and pharmacies for natural relief for aches and stiffness.

The business strategist is one of the most experienced industry professionals we’ve ever featured. From operations to consumer sector specialist, Bently strives to encourage consumers to become healthier and more active.

The entrepreneur has grown his brand through years of experience and online articles. These include; Optimyz Top 100 Health and Wellness influencers.


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