7 Convincing Reasons to Get Started With Running


7 Convincing Reasons to Get Started With Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, and there are a lot of reasons to choose it over any of the innumerable new-fangled workout fads.

If you are not yet convinced that running is right for you, here are a handful of compelling advantages it offers to change your mind.

It’s great for all-round health

Running is not just a pastime that will make you physically fitter; it will also improve your health on a number of other levels.

From making your heart more resilient to easing the symptoms of depression, your mind and body will be better off if you run.

It’s inexpensive

Some fitness regimens require you to invest a lot of cash in costly equipment and personal training courses before you can even get started.

Conversely, all you need is a pair of running shorts, a decent set of footwear and a breathable top and you will be good to go. Whether you live in an urban area or a rural region, running is an affordable and accessible alternative to a gym membership.

It’s social

You can choose to run solo, but lots of people find it easier to stay motivated if they join running groups or clubs in their area.

As well as helping you to achieve your fitness goals, running as part of a group is also a means of meeting like-minded people who could become firm friends. This is especially relevant if you are moving to a new area and you don’t know anyone locally, as forging relationships through running will get you over any initial jitters.

It’s charitable

Whether you run for fun or take it seriously, you can raise funds for a good cause with your running and make it about more than just staying in shape.

Most people run half-marathons and other events in order to hit a charitable giving goal, and it is easier to enter into these types of races if you have the backing of a non-profit organization.

It’s flexible

Running gives you the opportunity to either push towards a specific goal, such as competing in a race, or simply to improve your fitness levels without needing a particular target to aim for.

In essence, if you’d rather be in the driving seat and have as much or as little structure to your workouts as meets your needs and expectations, running is the way to go.

It’s good for your self-esteem

If you struggle with your confidence levels, running regularly is a great way to give you that boost to your self-esteem that will impact positively in other areas of your life.

Aside from the purely aesthetic advantages of losing weight and getting trim, you will also feel better about yourself when you reach the milestones you set in your training, or simply when you manage to get out of the house and complete a run when the weather, the mood or the circumstances are against you.

It’s the antidote to a stressful life

Professional and personal responsibilities can make modern life full of stress and anxiety. Running can alleviate the effects of stress, as it releases endorphins and can even make you experience full-on euphoria in the right scenario.

So whether you are intending to run to unlock the potential of your body, to shed a few pounds, to meet new people, or to just brighten your days when things seem bleak, all of these benefits and many more besides are available to you. Just get out there and don’t procrastinate, as running is always there for you as an escape.

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