Benefits of the Olympic Bundle

7 Benefits of the Olympic Bundle


7 Benefits of the Olympic Bundle

The Olympic bundle is presented to you by the Montreal Weights. It is a bundle that helps athletes and people who work out have an easier time choosing the equipment they will need for lifting. 

This bundle is typically divided into a starter, advanced, and complete. You can easily decide which one would be more suitable for you. Moreover, it also entails more benefits than you think.

Benefits Of The Olympic Bundle

The Olympic bundle is a package of Olympic barbells in different weights, a power rack, bench, and rubber tiles. The bundle is classified from beginners to ultimate. It is an excellent bundle for people that are unsure what they need to put together to start lifting and is even considered a must-have in the top home gyms reviews you see online. 

Moreover, the benefits of the Olympic bundle do not only help you in your workout but also in formulating your routine. Here are a few ways how it can help you

Safer Solo Workout

If you are new to working out, the power rack in the Olympic bundle is a set of metal bars where it surrounds you as you exercise. It is safer to perform risky routines such as squatting with weights, deadlifts, and bench presses. It serves as a horizontal safety bar on your sides.

It removes the danger of falling weights that might result in serious injuries. The power rack ensures that the bar will catch the weights on its side pegs. What is more, you can easily adjust the safety bars depending on your activity.

Adjustable Safety Pins

As mentioned above, you can easily adjust the safety bars according to your workout routine. You can change the safety pins to just below your full range of motion – just in case you miss a lift, the pins can then catch the weight.

If you are performing serious heavy lifting, it would be best to get the power rack from the Olympic bundle, where you can fully adjust to accommodate your routine. So, it will feel better suited to you.

A Versatile Piece Of Equipment

People who sometimes wish to own a power rack confuse the equipment with a squat rack. There are also other times when they compare the two to see which one is the best. However, this power rack can easily be used as a squat rack.

A squat rack is also a piece of equipment that can assist you in enhancing your squats by adding weights. You can adjust the power rack to your squatting height and place the weights on your shoulder.

Carry Heavier Weights

As you may have known thus far, using the power rack is a safer way for weight increment. It is a highly reliable piece of equipment that you can count on, especially if it is your first time trying to increase weight for your lifting routine.

As a matter of fact, a power rack can hold more weights than you can imagine. So, before you purchase the Olympic bundle, you must first coordinate with the company and ensure the maximum weight it can hold.

Suitable For Upper Body Exercise

Additionally, the power rack is suitable for heavy weightlifting exercises. It is also suited for upper body workouts where you can only use dumbbells. If you want to skip the barbells and rack pulls, you can opt for a light exercise and complete your routine with a dumbbell. 

There is no pressure in exercising when it comes to the power rack. You can still easily follow your routine like on a regular day but in a safer environment.

Improve Power

Above all, a power rack helps overall power. These racks are excellent for heavy lifting that allows you to build power and improve muscles as you test other heavier weights during your sessions. You can perform various lifting routines with the help of the power rack, and you will not have to worry about failure too. So, you can be at ease as you try to build your muscles.

Perfect For Isometric Exercises

Power racks are also excellent for functional isometrics. Functional isometrics is about performing a movement contraction for four to six inches with resistance. Then the lifter will continue to lift the weight with maximal effort through the resistance for five or more seconds. The power rack is the perfect place to perform this activity.

How To Prepare Your Workout?

Prior to any workout, it would be best to begin with a pre-workout routine and drink your supplements for an energy boost for your workout. It helps in improving your motivation to push for high-intensity training.

Also, do not forget to do your warmups and cool down. As you may know, warmups are essential in preparing your body for any intense aerobic activity. It helps slowly condition your muscle by raising your body temperature and blood flow.

Furthermore, do not skip drinking water and ensure that you are hydrated throughout your exercise. If you can, avoid sugary drinks so you’ll reap more of the benefits you get from exercising.

Final Thoughts

When training for lifting or adding it to your routine, there is no denying how dangerous it can be. Fortunately, the power rack of the Olympic bundle helps ease this part of the issue and brings other more advantages. It is incredibly efficient and beneficial to all lifters.

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