Exclusive: Kira Isabella Talks Music, Female Empowerment, & Personal Branding.


Meet Kira Isabella

Country artist, Kira Isabella, has become well known for her passionate and lively hits that have made her a household name on the Canadian Country music scene. At only 24 years old, Kira is a 5-time nominee and winner of the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Female Artist of the year award, as well as a winner of the CCMA Rising Star Award. She has performed on multiple world tours with legendary country singers Carrie Underwood and Terri Clark, and had her first headlining show in 2013. Kira will also be performing at the world famous Boots and Hearts Music Festival for the 4th time this August.

Kira has also become a major influencer for her fans. She’s written many of her songs about her life and about themes that she feels people can struggle with at times. She wants to a make a difference through her music, and help people overcome their difficulties. We felt that we needed to sit down with Kira to learn some more about her life, both in the past and moving forward, and share her story with you.

Influence Digest: What brought you into country music?

Kira: I grew up in Ottawa and I was singing from the moment I could even talk.

I took singing lessons when I was 6 years old and I sang everywhere I could, from old-age homes to weddings. I was really performing anywhere and anyplace where people would listen to me.

Influence Digest: For the younger generation considering getting into the music industry, what would you say the best route is to get started?

Kira: It’s not easy, but it is worth it if you love it.

You never know who will be in the crowd. Just doing things like going to open-mic nights and other events, as they provide great opportunities to expand your network and meet people.


Influence Digest: What was your “big break” moment?

Kira: Getting signed to Sony Canada at 16.

Up until that point, I knew that singing was my career path, but the signing really solidified it.

Influence Digest: What did you learn from your time working with Carrie Underwood?

Kira: She is incredible, of course.

I had the opportunity to open for her during her Blown Away tour. As a vocalist, I watched her consistently hit those notes every single night.

I learned about the responsibility of being on tour. The responsibility of taking care of yourself throughout that intense process.

Carrie was a machine, haha. I don’t even know how many dates she did, but to be singing at that capacity every single night for a tour that large, was really inspiring.

I learned a lot about the way she treated her team and the people around her. She treated everybody as an equal.

The first time I met her, she immediately let me know that if there is anything she could do for us to make our time more enjoyable, to let her know.

I’ll always remember that.

Influence Digest: What is it like being a female in a male-dominated industry?

Kira: I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel it.

I think now more than ever is a very cool time to be a woman, especially in country music. Keith Urban just put out that song, “Female”, and I think a lot of male writers are recognizing that women have something to say.

I think there is this movement happening that is giving women the confidence to speak up more.


Influence Digest: With the digital age upon us, how do you utilize it to grow your personal brand and music?

Kira: It’s such a huge part of having a business in any capacity now.

These social media platforms provide an instant connection between you and the people you are trying to connect with. In my case, it has given me the ability to instantly connect my fans with my music.

It’s so cool to put something out there and literally receive responses in seconds.

A few months ago, I put “I Don’t Wanna Know” out, and 30 seconds after I posted, someone commented “Oh Kira has new music out!”

As far as personal brand growth is concerned, it gives you an opportunity to show people different sides of you that they may not necessarily know. I’m always up on stage, but to know the real me behind stage is a completely different element.

Influence Digest: Do you have any advice that you’d give to the younger generation thinking of coming into music or other professional industries?

Kira: This really relates to my new single “Little Girl”

When I’m sitting with a glass of wine reflecting back on the previous years, there are a lot of times I wish I had more confidence in what I wanted to say, wear, and do.

Everyone makes mistakes and that’s how you learn. My message is to not be so afraid to say the wrong thing, or not know something.

Have confidence and realize your power when you are young! It’s pretty cool.


Influence Digest: If you could dedicate one of your songs to anyone going through the struggle, what would it be?

Kira:  “Little Girl” & “Late Bloomer”

Little Girl: The message is really for everyone and it is to not let anyone ever make you feel little.  A lot of things are mental, you can’t allow people to make you feel bad about yourself.

Tebey, Sam Ellis, and Elizabeth Elkins wrote the song Little Girl. I think the lyrics are very relevant and can relate to a lot of people.

Late Bloomer: I wrote that song about high school and struggling to fit in. I felt those same pains but later in life it was those same pains that made me better at what I do now.

Click on the picture to listen to “Little Girl” on Spotify

If you want to know how to upload your songs to Spotify click here

Influence Digest: What are your next steps moving forward as an artist?

Kira: I’ve really been focusing on growing as a vocalist lately.

I’m working with a new producer and I feel myself developing my skills to new levels. As a writer, I want to keep producing too. I’m almost finished this new EP that I’ve been working on. I’ve been flying back and forth to Nashville to work on it.

The thing is, no matter what you do, you can never stop learning, and that’s my mentality moving forward.


Influence Digest: What was the best moment in your career?

Kira: Playing in front of my family in Ottawa.

There have been so many times in my career where I’ve performed or done something I’m proud of and had just wished that my brother was with me, or my parents were there to see it. It means so much to me.


Influence Digest: Do you think that Canadians have a fair shot against Americans in the music industry?

Kira: I’d say they do and always have.

I think Canada is doing pretty well… you know Alessia Cara and Drake, of course!


Influence Digest: Anything else that you want to leave us off with?

Kira: I really want the world to feel the new music I’m coming out with.

I’m a bit older now and I know exactly what I want to say through my music for people to hear it.


Kira Isabella’s new single “Little Girl” is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. You can see her live this summer at Boots and Hearts Music Festival, where she’ll be performing alongside some of the biggest names in country music. 


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