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Maher Elusini

Maher is a certified nutrition consultant who has helped many people seeking better nutrition in their lives, creating healthy, easy-to-carry habits for increased energy and better health.

Now we will share with you an interview we had with him, we hope you enjoy it.

Tell us a bit about how you decided to become a nutritional coach. What inspired you?

Firstly, my gratitude goes out to you Sofía and the team at Influence Digest+ for allowing me to share my passion for improving the health and wellness of people with the world. I feel so honoured and privileged to be doing this.

To begin with, what inspired me to become a nutrition coach was my passion for understanding how food can serve the body as fuel and nutrition. As a result, I specialized in weight loss and energy-boosting strategies because I want people to feel healthy, energetic, and full of vitality despite our drive-thru and take-out-focused culture.

In my corporate sales career of over eight years, my colleagues and I experienced the dreaded 2 pm crash every day, where we would scramble for another cup of coffee to get through the day. As a result, it became an obsessive mission of mine to solve this exact issue. I am happy to tell you that neither I nor my clients are experiencing this anymore.

What is your target audience, and why do you focus on them specifically?

Most men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 first come to us disheartened, not knowing how to boost their energy levels or improve their health naturally. When I ask, “when or how did this happen,” most don’t remember! Life’s distractions sometimes take over. Many have spent a great deal of money, energy, and resources to lose weight, only to experience a vicious cycle of weight gain. And we all know what the sedentary desk-driven life has done to us. It’s robbed us of the very essence of being healthy, energetic with a body that allows us to do more.

As we age and responsibilities mount, it gets harder and harder to stay in tip-top shape unless we know how to stay in tip-top shape. As a result, we focus on helping busy professionals, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs with a “work work work attitude” reclaim their Million Dollar Body. Besides, I feel like I relate to this cohort most because 1) I was in their position, and 2) I truly understand the daily pain they go through. This is why we focus on them specifically.

Give us more details about your company, The Million Dollar Body® Academy.

As a leader in weight loss and peak health consulting, our weight loss practice is second to none. With our help, hundreds of busy professionals, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs have maintained their weight loss and boosted their energy levels without stepping foot in a gym. That drives us every single day and specifically makes me very happy.

We are passionate about assisting every client with achieving their goals. So we empower them with proven weight loss programs and personal health consultation services of the highest quality. We have only been doing this for years and don’t plan on ever stopping until we’ve empowered one million lives to live healthier. Fortunately, for our clients, we provide them with 1 on 1 private consulting services, alongside our new (covid-adjusted) hybrid online approach to meet all their needs. We have developed nutritional programs that can empower our clientele to lose weight rapidly and, more importantly, keep it off permanently, so they can stop wasting time and money on diets and weight loss programs that don’t work.

What methodology do you use with your clients?

What helps us stand out from the marketplace is our super easy to apply and effective Million Dollar Body Weight Loss Program. We will meet with you weekly on a one-on-one basis, either in person or virtually (whichever our clients prefer), to give accountable weight loss guidance, comprehensive feedback, and personalized meal planning. We create delicious and super easy weight-loss systems specifically designed to ensure you experience lasting results. Five days later, you’ll go from stranger to a vibrant, healthier, and more energetic client.

Our methodology is simple. In three easy steps, you will start seeing results.

  1. The First Call. — I will personally be with you from the beginning to ensure that your goals are met. We will start with a complimentary consultation assessing your health goals then designing a tailored plan to meet your specific needs.
  2. Putting the Plan into Action. — Now that you have your personalized meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and a tracker, you are ready to go. Throughout the twelve weeks, you will be in contact with me personally, a certified nutritionist, twice a week. We will give you expert responses to any questions you may have and assistance in navigating any detours you may experience. We will provide you with a clear road map to ensure your weight loss journey is successful.
  3. Continuing on the Journey. — As early as the third or fourth week, you will likely begin seeing the exciting changes you’ve been dreaming of for so long. With the new eating techniques you will learn, you’ll feel thrilled at how much energy you will have.

What do you consider to be the best way to start a balanced diet?

I would be doing a disservice to my practice if I did not point out that the best way to start a balanced diet is to accept your current diet is no longer serving you or your desired future self. It’s vital to keep this in mind. In the end, when you’ve figured out that a change needs to be made, the best decision is to remove the foods that clearly hurt your goals. If you don’t know which ones, look through your fridge and pantry and immediately throw out any processed or high in sugar foods (check the labels to see what it contains). We make so many decisions based on the environments we live in that it’s unbelievable. I’m sorry if I pushed your button here, but these are what we call “hyperpalatable foods” (foods that have rich colourful packaging and appeal to our senses (and brain). Though they may be tasty, they do not fuel you properly nor provide the nutrients your body requires to get healthy.

The final step is to seek out and begin working with a certified, credible, and experienced coach. It can be challenging to make long-term changes like food habits without a tool like a coach. A coach/consultant is really a pilot for you to fly in the dark, so to speak.


What would you say to a person who wants to change their habits and has not been able to?

I have the quote “If not now, when?” posted on my office wall where I see it every day.

Let me begin by saying that I completely understand anyone who has trouble changing. Take a journey back in time with me nearly ten years ago, when I began my quest for health mastery. The beginning was difficult simply because of the information overload I was experiencing. Despite my best efforts, I did not get the lasting results I hoped for, nor did I know if I was doing it right. It was merely trial and error and let me tell you that it was more error than trial! I was helped tremendously by a coach in the past, whose name was Nick. He provided me with a step-by-step roadmap for reaching my goals. I am forever grateful to him.

Imagine that you need to go to the airport, but you don’t have a GPS or a car with you. What do you do? You call an Uber, right? Why? It is likely the driver has been there thousands of times and knows the fastest way to get there without a GPS, and more importantly, they know which detours NOT to take. That is why I strongly believe in having a coach. They are that Uber driver.

In light of all this, you must decide emphatically that a change must be made. Once the decision has been made, don’t look back and proceed to the next step. Get all the data you can, customize your environment, and appoint the right people who will support you. Relapses are also possible, so acknowledge this. That’s okay, it’s not the end of the world because it’s all part of the process of becoming the best version of yourself. If you follow the goal you set for yourself, you’ll be surprised at just how much you grow as a person, and all you have to do is stay on cruise control.

You can do it!

Finally, is there anything that you’d like to leave us off with?

Thank you again, Sofia, for this wonderful opportunity! I hope I gave your readers something of value! At the Million Dollar Body Academy, this is what we do, this is what we are passionate about, and I want everyone to have the energy, health, and vitality they need to enjoy life to the fullest! Nobody should feel inferior to the better version of themselves.

Of course, if you need help, directly book a complimentary consult with us at, email our team at, or call +1 778 998 0806 and we’d be more than happy to help you.


Special thanks to Maher Elusini for taking the time to interview with us!

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