20 Coffee Shops Around the World That You Have to Try

20 Coffee Shops Around the World You Have to Try


It’s no secret that hip and modern coffee shops have taken over our streets.

We’ve looked all over the world to find 20 coffee shops you have to try!

These beautiful coffee shops are conveniently located in 5 beautiful cities – enjoy the list!


Balzacs Coffee

According to Cuppabean, this coffee shop is perfect for all seasons and tastes. With 12 locations across Ontario, you will have the chance to enjoy their artisanal, sustainable and delicious coffee wherever you may be!

Their goal is simple, to provide you a delicious product in a beautiful environment. You will enjoy every minute of your stay.

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Fahrenheit Coffee

This company has been voted the “Best Speciality Coffee House” in Toronto consistently since 2012.

Offering a variety of different espresso origins, this coffee company is truly one of a kind.

Their beautiful latte designs will have you Instagramming non-stop!

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Istanbul Café

A dive into Turkish coffee culture in the heart of Toronto!
From the moment you walk into the shop you will feel a sense of comfort and peace.

Whether you are coming to chat, do school work, or simple just relax, Istanbul Café is where you want to be.

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Neo Coffee Bar

At Neo Coffee bar, they believe that good coffee begins with high quality beans. Sourcing the best quality beans they can find, Neo Coffee Bar has become famous for their hand crafted espressos, and expertly brewed coffees.

What’s better is that all of their delicious treats are baked in-house to assure freshness!

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Dark Horse Espresso

From the moment they opened their doors, Dark Horse had one goal: “to provide the most delicious, balanced espresso that Toronto has to offer.”
Let’s just say that they have exceeded that goal and are moving onto to bigger things.

You will love everything they have to offer from their coffees and baked goods to their fresh juices.

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Workshop Espresso

Located in the heart of Sydney, this coffee shop is the go-to spot for locals and rightfully so!

Their delicious coffee, amazing atmosphere and upbeat staff will have you smiling from the moment you walk in until you walk out.

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Single O

Starting from humble beginnings, Single O have become an empire around Australia.

Their delicious coffee blends have become so in demand that they have started selling them online for customers to purchase.

To add to this, Single O is an ethically responsible company that ensures their products have been sourced through fair methods.

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Brewtown Coffee Roasters

Not only will this shop provide you the best tasting coffee you can find in Australia but it is also a bistro where “all day breakfast reigns supreme.”

Customers love it here and you will too!

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Paramount Coffee Project

This café is a project designed to expose a different look of coffee in a café environment.
This shop presents local and international roasters in an unbiased and educational format with the goal of maintaining complete transparency for

the customers.

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Mecca Coffee

When Mecca started, it was only about preparing the best coffee and nothing else. Years later, the same values still stand.

Mecca is here to make your experience worthwhile and their attention to detail shows just that.

“It’s simple.. coffee, people, and quality.”

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San Diego

Bird Rock Coffee

Having won numerous awards, this coffee shop is not only famous for their delicious coffee but also for their attention to detail.

Every bean is ethically sourced from various parts of the world and provided to you in a beautiful and elegant design.

Located on the coast of California, there is no better location to sip your delicious coffee than this!

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Living Room Café

This is a European Café with a Californian flare. How cool is that?!
Their open space has always been home to students looking to relax, work or chat.

The atmosphere is truly an experience!

P.S. Their cakes are heavenly

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Better Buzz Coffee

Without question, Better Buzz is the best marketed coffee company in the world today.

Their amazing logo, slogans and overall theme is eye catching and enjoyable!

With such high demand for their products, this company has now opened multiple stores across California and are now selling their products online too!

We love your vibe Better Buzz!

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Ryan Bros Coffee

A family business that has grown to new heights, Ryan Bros Coffee represents the American Dream.

Today, Ryan Bros Coffee is famous for their coffee (obviously), teas, and mixes.

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Communal Coffee

Everything about this café is mesmerizing. The layout of the shop allows the customer to openly view the entire creative process behind craft coffee or floral design.

Proudly serving Sightglass Coffee, this company uses small production methods and direct trade practices to attain a perfect roast.

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Tap Coffee

This café has taken lengths to provide the finest ingredients to provide you optimal quality products.

The manufactures of this location have taken great lengths to ensure the physical setting is a social context where great things can happen.

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Holborn Grind

Are you ready to see the most visually appealing lattes ever made? Well then you have to visit Holborn Grind to witness them first hand.

The beautiful design and atmosphere of the shop will keep you there for hours on end.

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Artisan Coffee

The best cup of coffee. Really, that’s all that needs to be said about this wonderful place.

This will be the best cup of coffee you have ever tasted in your life. With such an upbeat and hip atmosphere, their shops have become the best places to chill out, hang with the lads, or simply read a book.

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Is the atmosphere amazing? Yes. Is the coffee delicious? Yes. Is the service great? Yes.

What’s better is that they offer more than just these luxuries. This company now offers courses so that you can design your own coffee or latte with confidence from home.

Oh yeah, and they have 2 coffee shops across London now!

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The Attendant

Just check out their google reviews to realize how this is one of the best coffee shops around!

With multiple locations, a roastery and online brewing classes, this is the place you want to associate with.

Launched by two humble gentlemen (Bosh McKeown & Ryan De Oliveira), this company has grown into a household name across London!

Enjoy your next brew with The Attendant!

Visit their website!

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We hope you enjoyed our list of 20 Coffee Shops Around the World You Have to Try! We hope you check them out and order something delicious!

The inclusion of coffee shops are based on research done by our lifestyle and restaurant experts at Influence Digest.

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