Toronto's Largest Millennial Event: Generation Now

Toronto’s Largest Millennial Event: Generation Now


Haste & Hustle Presents_ Generation Now

What is Generation Now?

Let me tell you about one of Canada’s largest and most impactful events happening this February. It’s called Generation Now. It’s an opportunity and event to inspire emerging and young entrepreneurs to activate their greatness.

When: February 27, 2018

Where: Sony Center

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm



Is e-mail marketing on the verge of going extinct? Are chatbots here to take over? Big brands have switched over to servicing through chatbots; it’s time for small businesses and brands to dive in on the action. This part of the event will dive into the details of how to use chatbots effectively to boost your sales and your brand. Chris Buttenham, the founder & CEO of Tasyatt will be sharing his insights about “Obie” (his chatbot).

Influencers & Creators

Creatives may just be the breed that survives the technological revolution. Every day we are seeing jobs being replaced by machines, except for creatives. Think about a carpet. No machine-made carpet will ever hold the same value as a man-made carpet. The world needs more creatives and this part of the event will show you why. Greg Murray will lead the panel on this topic. 

Keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk

Yes, that’s right, Gary Vee will be speaking at this event. The social media icon and founder of Vayner Media has devoted his time to guide us in understanding the best ways to communicate our personal brands in the modern world. If you find value from his videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you are going not going to want to miss this 45-minute keynote presentation. 

Who knows… maybe you’ll even get the chance to snap a selfie with him after the show.

Learning Session with Connor Beaton

Connor Beaton is an entrepreneur with an impressive track record. As the founder of ManTalks, he has set out on a mission to improve mental health, wellness, success, & fulfillment among men globally. Connor is no stranger to the stage, he has spoken at Ted talks, presented alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Holmes, and many other figures. His story will inspire you and prove that not only is anything possible but also that you can enjoy yourself along the journey too. 

Lessons From Amy Birk

Amy knows that connections make all the difference in the entrepreneurial world. Her book, The Hustle-Free Business, is an international bestseller. She’ll show you how to market yourself in a way that feels natural. She makes marketing easy because the whole strategy revolves around being yourself!  

Generation Now is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn about the hottest topics of our day from the same people that are working in these same spaces. Whether you want to find out more about youth marketing with Connor Blakley or app development with Kim Parnell, there is something for everyone.


Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your life.

Get your tickets right now by clicking the button below! 


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