Why Meditation Is So Important


Why Meditation Is So Important

The practise of meditation is arguably as old as formal civilization itself. Yet, it is seemingly more prevalent today than ever before. Far removed from its religious origins, meditation in the twenty-first century represents a means of combating anxiety and stress while also boosting productivity through heightened focus and mental clarity.

I’m always on the go. I don’t have the time for something like this. How would I even know if I’m even doing this right?

Why Meditation Is So Important


Meditation is not singular in its practice and manifests in a range of different techniques – as in there is no ‘correct’ way to meditate, nor is there a method that is ‘better’ than another. As with most things in the realm of the mind a lot is left open to one’s own interpretation and approach. The idea at its core is what is worth adopting – introspective reflection on setting future goals, evaluating progress made (or any setbacks) can do wonders for overall productivity. Meditation can also help one internalize and better cope with difficult emotions and better respond to conflict. You can also create your own meditation space so you’ll be reminded every day. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can simply put healing stones or crystals on a corner. All types of gemstones are recommended for this purpose – for example, amethyst for courage, rose quartz for forgiveness, and blue jade for inner peace. Find a stone that is closely related to your personality, goals, and dreams. For example, some of the benefits of moss agate are luck and prosperity that will help you in your daily work activities or your overall career.

Meditation can be used as a band-aid solution but is better taken as a daily dose vitamin.

Why Meditation Is So Important

It goes without saying that the time spent devoted to incorporating meditation in any form can yield dividends for anyone. While the practice can definitely yield results during a period of increased mental stress or to unlock productivity whilst mentally fatigued, reaping the real benefits of ‘mindfulness’ through meditation will come through regular practice. In fact, we at Influence Digest are such supporters we even included it as one of the “21 Secrets to Improve Your Quality of Life.” Starting simple and building on the experiences are vital to a sustained adoption of meditation into a daily routine.

Don’t worry, there’s an app for that

Why Meditation Is So Important

While it should really come as no surprise by now (it is 2017 after all) – there are a variety of e-resources available for the novice mediators among us. Apps like HeadSpace and Sway become your pocket-gurus and guide you through breathing exercises, mental inventories, and heightened consciousnesses while also encouraging routine building by charting progress made and reminding you to take the time out of your day to recalibrate. While they differ in their focus audience – Sway tends to be favored by intermediate to experienced users, while HeadSpace is geared to those just starting out – there is definite value in either ecosystem. This YouTube video is a perfect primer to get you started.

Meditation as a habit or productivity can be difficult to stick with as it tends not to focus on the results as much as it revolves around the concept of sustained progress. By employing the willpower necessary to incorporate this age-old practice into your on-the-go lifestyle the benefits are essentially limitless. The possibility of being equipped with an acuter mental state with the capacity to better grapple with the constant stress can lead both to self-growth and maximizing your productivity potential.

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Sheldon Vaz

Editor in Chief – Influence Digest

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