Top 15 Marketing Experts Chicago

Top 15 Marketing Experts in Chicago in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Chicago in 2024

Chicago, known as the “Windy City,” is a bustling metropolis renowned for its vibrant culture, iconic architecture, and diverse neighborhoods. As a major hub for business and commerce, Chicago boasts a rich pool of marketing experts who thrive in its dynamic environment. These professionals are adept at navigating both traditional and digital marketing landscapes, leveraging innovative strategies to reach audiences locally and globally. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, Chicago’s marketing experts continuously drive growth and success for businesses across various industries, contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the marketing world. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Chicago that you can contact right now:


Antonio Casanova

Antonio is an accomplished marketing executive and team architect with a solid background in electrical engineering. He specializes in synchronizing marketing and sales efforts, crafting brand and product strategies, and enhancing performance marketing. Antonio has demonstrated a consistent ability to devise and execute go-to-market strategies that fulfill product, growth, and branding objectives. Currently, he serves as the VP of Marketing at Valorx.


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Arianna Diaz

Arianna is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Trulieve with extensive experience in designing digital ecosystems for rapidly expanding companies and leading national brands. Skilled in social media and content management, she excels in developing CMS and web solutions, initiating rewards programs, and building customer database platforms, all supported by strategic text and email campaigns.


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Christina D. Warner

At Cloudflare, Christina assumes the role of Marketing Manager, where she channels her skills to foster innovation and excellence. Celebrated for her integration of marketing, technology, and AI to craft influential campaigns, Christina’s achievements include winning the Axiom Business Book Gold award for “The Art of Healthcare Innovation.” Proficient in product promotion, market entry strategies, customer engagement, and the initiation of programs/projects, Christina’s diverse competencies distinguish her in the field.


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Danica Hoppe

With over a decade of experience, Danica has refined her expertise through partnerships with leading global brands in the technology, wellness, consumer goods, and startup realms. Known as an inventive growth strategist, talent scout, and business creator, Danica presently holds the role of Marketing and Client Services Director at ExtendMyTeam, where she remains dedicated to fostering innovation and ensuring client contentment.


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Ethan Buck

In his role as Marketing Manager at The Farm Sitter, Ethan showcases expertise in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, and Project Management. He has been instrumental in crafting marketing strategies, launching social media platforms, and defining project objectives aimed at engaging the target audience. Leveraging his skills, Ethan has supported brands similar to this company in conveying their stories effectively to establish profound connections with consumers.


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Jaclyn Thomas

As RCX Sports’ Chief Marketing Officer, Jaclyn draws upon her vast 17-year experience in marketing, events, and partnerships. Her fervor lies in uniting individuals, especially young people, through sports, while ensuring favorable encounters for clients and audiences alike. Jaclyn’s principal objective is to enhance grassroots youth marketing endeavors. She earned a BBA in Marketing from the University of Detroit Mercy.


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Jennifer Junitz-Keenan

In her role as Senior Marketing Manager at Cyware, Jennifer brings extensive expertise as a marketing specialist with a strong background in B2B marketing and communications. Her skills encompass strategy formulation, planning, customer advocacy, and channel marketing. Jennifer’s primary objective is to enhance brand visibility, foster opportunities for new and existing business, and stimulate renewals, all aimed at driving revenue growth.


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Jordan Neuhauser

Jordan is the Chief Experience and Marketing Officer at Trulli Audio, responsible for overseeing brand development, digital marketing, experiential marketing, go-to-market strategy, omni-channel marketing, social media marketing, and more. He brings extensive expertise in sales leadership and marketing, having completed his studies at DePaul University.


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Karen Bartuch

As the Director of Marketing, Customer Engagement & Services at Calix, a B2B technology firm, Karen leads with a focus on Integrated Marketing Strategy. Specializing in the development and execution of inventive marketing approaches. Karen’s competencies encompass strategic planning, brand enhancement, and the revitalization of marketing operations. With a role as a Global Marketing and Brand Executive, she is committed to achieving meaningful outcomes.


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Lavon Pryor

Lavon holds the dual roles of CEO at Zipporah’s Beautiful Things and VP of Marketing for Kingdom Kidz Warriors Inc. He has a strong affinity for collaborating with non-profit organizations, reflecting his commitment to making a difference. With a rich and successful career in marketing, Lavon is widely regarded as a proficient expert in the field, possessing a diverse skill set. His dedication to working with non-profits highlights his passion for creating positive change.


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Luke Gelman

As Director of Sales and Marketing at Fastway Engineering, Luke leads the charge in empowering businesses to create superior products efficiently and affordably using simulation software. His core competencies include Business Development, Relationship Cultivation, Leadership, and Sales and Marketing. Luke’s strategic guidance and expertise play a crucial role in driving growth and nurturing client relationships at Fastway Engineering.


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Luke G














Luke Reynebeau

In his role as Bitly’s Senior Director of Customer Marketing, Luke applies extensive expertise in marketing strategy, multi-channel marketing, and consumer engagement. A committed marketing professional, he is motivated by his dedication to enhancing customer experience and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for organizational growth and satisfaction. Luke excels in seamlessly integrating technology, traditional media, and new media across diverse marketing platforms and channels.


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Luke R















Marta Bowles

In her role as Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at NielsenIQ, Marta is renowned for her outcome-focused approach. She excels in implementing transformative strategies, nurturing team collaboration, and catalyzing revenue growth. Marta leads marketing teams with a focus on short-term objectives that contribute to the establishment of enduring brand equity. Her fervor lies in brand development and crafting lasting brand value that resonates with consumers, driving business expansion.


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Paige M. Weber

Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism from the University of Iowa, Paige is the Founder of ShineThru LLC, a Branding & Marketing Agency. Within her company, Paige has perfected the fusion of creativity, psychology, storytelling, and marketing strategy. This unique methodology is carefully tailored to empower clients to authentically and magnetically distinguish themselves in a crowded digital landscape.


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Rob Kunzler

In his role as Chief Marketing Officer at OnBoard, Rob draws upon a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in B2B marketing within the cloud SaaS and enterprise software sectors. Recognized for his proficiency in devising and implementing forward-thinking marketing strategies, Rob has consistently delivered results in revenue growth and brand recognition. He is esteemed for his adeptness in crafting demand generation initiatives and spearheading the successful launch and positioning of new products and services.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Chicago in 2024!

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