5 Things Worth Packing Into a Backpack After the Borders are Opened


5 Things Worth Packing Into a Backpack After the Borders are Opened

Few things in life can top the thrill we get from travelling abroad. Just the mere thought of a short escape from the monotony and the mundanity of adulthood can put a smile on anyone’s face.

To some, the fun of travelling is in its spontaneity. Going underprepared isn’t nearly as petrifying as others portray it to be as they cherish living precariously in a world full of uncertainties.

To others, preparation is a must, and anything short of a robust plan and a well-thought-out itinerary can be anxiety-inducing.

If you asked us, we’d tell you that in this day and age, the latter is the wiser route seeing as how we’re living in times characterized by rapid changes. The life we had prior to the COVID-19 virus might stay just as is – in the abyss of the past!

Most countries are tightening up their travelling rules and regulations, and failure to abide by them might result in unnecessary inconvenience. Stick around to see the list of things you should consider packing before embarking on that well-deserved journey.

Medical Documents

Like it or not, post-COVID tourism calls for better preparation, document-wise. Before starting your journey, make sure to have yourself tested and keep copies of your medical documents in a safe place in your backpack in case of any severe weather.

More important than this is checking the medical regulations specific to the country you’re travelling to. Medical translation services can come in handy as you don’t just need the original document itself, but the translated version of the documents specific to the country’s national language.


The journey to your country of destination can be quite exhausting, especially if you’re travelling by plane. You can always expect lengthy layovers, during which listening to your favorite playlist can work wonders in helping you enjoy every step of the way.

Whether it’s wired or Bluetooth earbuds you’re looking for, make sure to take the time to research the best cheap earbuds currently available in the market and land on the one that best fits your needs.

Protective Gear

Most countries have made it mandatory to wear masks in nearly all public places. As you’ve probably noticed by now, masks are highly prone to get lost, so make sure you have at least some extra ones within your hand’s reach. Opt for more reliable and FDA-approved masks such as KN95 face masks with a high filtration rate for optimum protection. 

They’re easily foldable, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up a huge space in your backpack. It is also advisable to have at least a pair of gloves in case you were told to wear them by the respective authorities.

If your backpack is accommodating enough, throw in an extra visor along with the masks just to be on the safe side of things.

Safety Gear

It is inevitable that you’ll be touching different surfaces throughout your journey. Germs and viruses tend to stay on surfaces for quite some time, so make sure you carry a travel-sized hand sanitizer along with proper disinfecting wipes.

If you haven’t yet adopted the reusable water bottle lifestyle for its environmental benefits, it is now high time to do it for your own safety. This way, you’re mitigating the risk of coming in contact with any unwanted germs.


More often than not, our transactions and tickets are on our electronic devices, either laptops or phones. Make sure to pack those tightly, and most importantly, remember to have a plan on how you go about charging them.

Some prefer portable chargers; others prefer having necessary adaptors that they can use in public places. Travelling to a place you’ve never been to means that there is a good chance you might end up lost somewhere in the city. This is only problematic if you run out of charge. Therefore, take proper precautions to save yourself a world of concerns.

The Bottom Line

In the past, most of our essentials comprised of things that weren’t necessarily health-related. Unfortunately, gone are those days, and we’re now forced to take measures pertaining to our safety and the safety of the people we come across on a daily basis.

As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.” This is especially true when we think of packing for our journey. The average backpack can only hold a limited amount of things, and if you don’t pack wisely, you’ll only have yourself to blame if and when you realize that you haven’t packed all your essentials.

With the list here, you’re one step ahead in your packing game, and you’re sure to have a carefree journey where instead of constantly thinking about getting creative on the way, you look inside your backpack, and there you have it – the necessary post-COVID survival kit!

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