5G and the Future of Mobile Internet


5G and the future of mobile internet

For over half of the global users of the internet, mobile technology is their pathway to progress. The internet connects us with the entire online world and does so much for our long-term future as a society. Our ability to learn, to grow and to develop as individuals is heightened tenfold. We now carry the largest database of information ever created in our palms and pockets on a daily basis. It’s only getting faster, too – this is thanks to the introduction of 5G, the latest in wireless connectivity.

5G is a massive step up from 4G and is going to become a major game changer. By delivering rapid internet speed and minimal latency, 5G is going to make internet usage for mobile devices even easier and more powerful than ever before. It’s going to change everything, offering us unparalleled internet processing power. Betting sites are already planning to use this extra bandwidth through improved graphics, in-play videos and an expanded range of games and services for mobile. As we have seen, mobile internet connection improvements have led to some great innovation in what your phone can do, and 5G will be the next step in this process.

It’s also going to open up the doors for the use of virtual reality and augmented reality – VR and AR – technology for mobile devices. Naturally, such tools need a huge amount of power to be pulled off, and 5G helps us to make sure connections can remain smooth, strong and stable long-term.

When is 5G coming?

5G networking is expected to arrive in the next decade, at some stage in 2020. This is going to cause huge changes, though, so don’t be surprised if you notice a hell of a lot of disruption and change as we move from 2019 into 2020.

You will need to get ready for the massive changes coming, both for personal and professional usage. 5G will see everything from the use of fully automated cars to fully powered mobile devices become a reality. We are about to see the world re-invent the very use of the internet, and the mobile internet, thanks to 5G.

It’s also going to help power up the insane growth of the Smart City. Such talk of Smart Cities can seem rather odd to some, but they are laden with potential. From new modes of on-demand public transport like flying drone taxis to smart businesses that control energy consumption to be more efficient, 5G is going to help populate our lives with tech that, to some, should still be decades in the future.

However, expect to see the growth of 5G begin the slow but sure death of desktop computing. Some see this as a crazy idea, but 5G will help us to move to ever-more powerful mobile solutions instead. Before long, we’ll be able to contain elite-level processing power all within one system that is the size of a smartphone.

Things are changing, and the mobile internet is going to be one of the biggest developmental changes to come in the near future. The rollout of 5G is likely unstoppable now – and the changes it is going to bring to every part of our lives are incredible. The biggest change, though, is almost certainly to the mobile internet – it will not look the same in a few short years.

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