6 Simple Ways to Make Someone Smile on Their Birthday


6 Simple Ways to Make Someone Smile on Their Birthday

No matter how young or how old, most everyone wants something a little special for their birthday. Unfortunately, virtually everyone got ripped off on their birthdays last year, which means that this year should be all the more special.

A birthday only comes once a year and not to be morbid but unfortunately, we never know if anyone else will make it special for them. So, with that in mind, grab a cup of your favorite fair-trade coffee and check out our list of things that can brighten a birthday and make them smile.

1. Treat Them To a Meal

Surprise your friend, loved one, or family member with a nice dinner out. However, remember that their agenda for that day may be filled so you’ll want to invite them early.

If they already have plans, try sending them a pizza or something nice from Uber Eats, Favor, DoorDash, or any of the other local food delivery services. If they have plans for dinner, send it the day before or after and really surprise them.

2. Always a Winner

While you likely can’t afford to send them somewhere via private air travel, everyone loves cash and you can usually bring a smile to their face with it. However, that can seem a little impersonal or perhaps that their birthday was an afterthought. Go one step further and get them a gift card for dinner, a retail store, or just a general gift card they can use just about anywhere.

A good option is an amazon gift card. Click here to find it

3. Really Surprise Them

Getting an unexpected birthday gift is always great of course but when you do something extra special it shows that you truly want them to have a great birthday. A really great way to surprise them and make their day is with a birthday balloon delivery. Virtually everyone loves balloons and even if they don’t, they’ll definitely smile and appreciate the well-wishes.

4. The Old Fashion Way

While you can send a birthday card in the mail, take things a bit further and really make them smile. Send a letter with the card telling them how special they are to you or really amp things up and coordinate with close friends and relatives to have everyone write them something special and send them all in time to arrive on their birthday. 

The sheer fact that their mailbox is packed full on their birthday is almost certain to make them smile.

5. Tune Up Your Singing Voice

You may be tempted to take them to a great music festival and while that is indeed a great birthday present, why not surprise them with a singing telegram?

Better yet, how about singing happy birthday to them with a large group of friends. Show up at their house first thing in the morning and watch the smile as you all belt out birthday wishes. You can also go a step further and have everyone flood their voicemail with singing.

Out of tune or perfect pitch, the effort will be well worth it.

6. Give Them…. Themselves

Cute gag gifts are almost always a hit but when it comes down to it, they’re mostly useless. That is unless you get them something like custom face socks or you can even put their face or their children on a custom pillow.

Things that they can actually use but are special are almost assured to make their day and bring a smile to their face. Whether you decide to treat them to a meal or one of the other options on this page you will brighten their special day and help make it memorable for sure.

If you’re all out of ideas, nothing beats a decadent booze basket for your loved one who enjoys cracking open a cold one. These booze gift baskets are customizable, so you can create the perfect present that’s right up their alley. It’s their birthday; they deserve an extra special treat!

Bonus Idea: Make it…MAGICAL

Everyone has grown up hearing stories of splendid castles, love spells, and tales of bravery. So it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate some element of magic and myth when throwing the birthday celebrant a surprise party.

If that special one is into all things medieval, then costumes, wine barrels, and a fun skit that includes some daring swordplay are in order. And you don’t have to stop there! Transforming the venue into a 15th-century medieval village and using cobblestone-printed treat bags to hold edible goodies can make the party more memorable and very much on theme.


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