Best Designer Picks: 10 Affordable Accent Pieces You’ll Love


Best Designer Picks: 10 Affordable Accent Pieces You’ll Love

Whether decorating on a budget or looking to refresh a space with some new additions, small accent pieces can make a big impact without a huge investment. From festive plants to eclectic artworks, these affordable finds are sure to become quick favorites, bringing focal points to tables, shelves and more.

Various Colored Balloons

Balloons make a fun, carefree statement in moderation. Cinnamon-colored latex balloons tied in bunches with natural jute add festive texture above a front entry without clutter. Metallic Mylar balloons in shapes like stars or initials provide eye-catching accents on a desk or shelf year-round. For some greenery without fuss, silk succulents stay ultra-low maintenance in pots or woven into garlands alongside different colored balloons.

Wooden Serving Boards

Beyond the kitchen, wood boards display framed photos beautifully or provide stage space for objets on an entry console table or coffee tables. Natural boards develop character with use while cement or epoxy resin boards stay chip-resistant. Look for board sizes and shapes fitting intended surfaces from rounds to oblong ovals.

Faux Fur Throw

Nothing makes a space cozier than plush faux fur. Linen-cotton blends with faux sheepskin accents sink onto sofas and beds for texture. Corduroy, velvet and boucle fabrics feel indulgent without high thread counts. Solids pair easily while prints usher in personality; find pelts in neutral shades or bold brights.

Pile of Books

Folios and hardcovers stacked neatly elevate bookstores and libraries, but casually piled volumes on end tables add approachability in living rooms. Mix fiction, nonfiction, photo books and coffee table titles by theme. Color coordination with spines facing out provides visual interest; bundled evenings’ reading material waits nearby.

Set of Chargers

Any tablescape benefits from rounded or pedestal chargers’ streamlined, blank slate. Stack saucers to layer patterns or complement solid chargers in differing sizes. Porcelain, earthenware or resin versions fit various aesthetics and budgets; pick a mix of textures like matte and metallic finishes.

File Trays

Organize and elevate with file trays, desk accessories or magazine holders draped in faux fur, burlap or patterned papers then used as trivets, mini bars or coffee table displays. Stained wood trays level up with books, candles or plants in farmhouse settings.

Set of Pillows

Layer textiles to cuddle up in all spaces, from living rooms to beds. Mix neutrals in fresh textures – beads, sequins, velvets, linens – tied with tassels and braids. Solid squares or rectangles pair prettiest alongside detailed prints and patterns. Change covers seasonally or frame throw pillows along headboards.

Planters and Pots

Enhance greenery’s lifespan and portability with plastic or concrete pots in various heights and diameters. Stagger sizes of natural stone, cement and resin planters for visual interest whatever the garden’s status. Macrame hangers and woven rattan baskets cradle air plants or succulents above sinks and ledges.

Hardware Accents

Try ribbons, garlands and candles atop latch hardware, knobs and drawer pulls for touchpoints of visual punch. Artisan metal pieces like brass bells and doorknockers impart uniqueness with character. Ceramic kiln-crafted knobs come in abstract shapes and hues elevating cabinetry.

Wall Art

From prints to frames, assess blank surfaces in need of personality. Bring joie de vivre through mirrors tricked out with fresh florals, family photos or sayings. Papercut patterns in nature motifs display kitchen backsplashes; floating shelves offer gallery wall backdrops perfect for flavorful artwork price-tagged for any budget.


Bring ambient lighting, warmth and style to any surface with sets of tea lights or votives in glass, ceramic or metal vessels. Coordinate shapes, sizes and finishes for coordinated vignettes.

Framed Prints

Curate affordable wall art or room dividers with groupings of graphic prints that coordinate in color palette. Frame options like reclaimed wood add character on a budget.

Metal Tray

Serve drinks and snacks in the living room, bedroom or bathroom with a decorative tray. Look for finishes like antiqued brass or hammered aluminum at accessible prices.

Reclaimed Wood Sign

Display inspirational words or reminders in refurbished wood for country appeal. Opt for burlap backs and natural stains.

Ornamental Bowls

Scattered bouts of fruit, potpourri or floating candles elevate surfaces including entryways and mantels. Consider ceramic, glass or rattan textures.

In conclusion, accent pieces provide impactful ways to polish spaces affordably through coordinated textures, colors and styles. By curating statement makers from pillows to prints, trays and more, any budget achieves depth and visual appeal. Small investments pay off through balanced ensembles customized for individual tastes and design themes. With imagination, even budgets welcome personality through thoughtful accent pieces.

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