Easy Ways to Improve Mental Wellbeing


The world of psychology is a complex one. It is also one in which there is no universal agreement in many areas. Various luminaries have different theories and approaches to improving our wellbeing, so it can all seem a little confusing.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways that simply are great in improving our mental state, so instead of getting embroiled in the complexities of the subject, for most people, it’s better to simplify and concentrate on keeping it simple.

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For a start, talking is a given. The talking cure is the basis of a lot of psychotherapy. This involves the treatment of psychological problems through simply listening to people. A trained psychotherapist can gently steer your conversations and interpret your dreams so you build a gradual self-realization of who you are and why you are as you are. Again, this is a complex subject but from the individual talking’s viewpoint, it needn’t be. And it doesn’t always need to involve a trained professional to be of help.  Relating well to friends and family who are good listeners and have your best interest at heart can be a huge help.

Similarly, anything that does it for you in terms of opening up your innermost thoughts and fears is beneficial. Many people take comfort in talking to a medium, a clairvoyant or having tarot readings to help them open up about themselves, for example. This is because they’re talking to a third non-judgemental person who will use their own experience and insight to reveal something back to the other person that seems obvious to the listener but perhaps hadn’t occurred to the person seeking help.

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All talking cure activities are best done in a calm, quiet environment – without distraction. In this way, they have almost a “spiritual” element to them, as you tend to ponder your own life experience. This is not about religion (though it can be for those with faith) nor is it about the occult, but it is soulful.

Similarly, a lot has been talked about “mindfulness” in recent years. This involves living for the moment; being aware of your feelings and thoughts “now” and your environment. This is similar to meditation in some ways, which is also beneficial for mental wellbeing. It involves being calm and present at the moment and, again, is a “soulful” moment in a world which increasingly tends to concentrate on the mind and body only.

There are various tried and tested ways to develop good mindfulness techniques which anyone would find beneficial.

If nothing else, then try and give yourself a little quiet time each day. Taking half an hour to relax each; to “be” without concentrating on the details of what you have to “do” continually, is a good starting point if you’re feeling stressed and anxious. If the worries you have float up to the surface during this time, watch them as if you’re a third person, accept them, then dismiss them for the time being, because this is your calm time.

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