8 Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Shows on Netflix Canada


8 Hairstyles Inspired by your Favorite Shows on Netflix Canada

At the risk of sounding repetitive, streaming is more than a pastime and is etched into our lives. The shows we watch online affect our lives in ways we couldn’t have thought of, and Netflix, one of the biggest streaming services, has a significant say.

If you’re searching for inspiration on your next hairdo, watch the best shows on Netflix Canada to pick up some new hairstyles. The shows we binge on offer much more than entertainment, so why not try replicating a few of your favourite hairstyles? You might like the result.

Thinking of what your next hairstyle is going to be? Here are eight hairstyles inspired by your favourite Netflix shows in Canada.

Nancy’s Insane Hair Volume in Stranger Things

stranger things nancy


There’s a lot going on in the Stranger Things series on Netflix, from battling a myriad of evil forces to trying to look cool. One thing you’ll notice about the actors is their cool 80s hairstyle that’s worth taking a crack at.

Some notable hairstyles from Netflix’s Stranger Things include Eleven’s buzz cut, Will’s bowl cut, Nancy’s insane volume, Dustin’s curls, and Steve’s glam-rock mane. These 80-s teen looks are simply out of this world and look mind-blowing.

One unique hairstyle is Nancy’s gravity-defying volume in season 4, which is frizzier like a natural perm.

Stranger Things hairstylist Hindsgaul explained that Nancy’s wigs were burned to different levels, but her hairstyle was different in season 4. The wig was left on for a bit too long to get that crispness, which was then brushed out to get that beautiful volume.





Tom Shelby Haircut on Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders tom

Tom Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, is a crime boss, but fans of the show are taken back by his sense of style. He often wears a hat but gets most people talking when he takes it off. His hair cut takes viewers back hundreds of years ago and is a short crop with a shaved back and sides. The top is significantly longer with layered textures and a natural wave.

He lays his hair forward and then to the side, creating a fringe across his forehead.

Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Icy Blonde Bob)

sabrina spellman


For lack of a better world, Sabrina Spellman’s icy blonde bob in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is iconic. The best thing about this hairstyle is it easy to replicate. Therefore, you don’t need a lot of items or time to do it.

All you need is the courage to cut your hair short, take time with your hair wand, and stick a hairband to get Sabrina’s statement look.

The icy blonde bob hairstyle is pale as white with subtle touches of beige. However, the process takes longer if you have a darker base, and maintenance will be high if your hair is light.





Daphne Bridgerton from Bridgeton



Bridgerton is one of the top British shows on Netflix and has gripping drama to binge on. But hair aficionados turn their attention to Daphne Bridgerton because her style is breathtaking. The hairstylist for this show must work overtime to get every curl, pin, braid, and crown right, and it’s best to say she perfects it.

With a short fringe and a flourishing finish, Daphne Bridgerton gives women hope it’s possible to get a fantastic fringe trim at home.

Is there a way back for those who’ve cut their trim too short? You can get a short fringe trim by parting your hair down the middle and finishing it with soft curls.




Jenny from Outlander

Jenny plays the ultimate family woman in her role in Outlander, and she nails her role, especially how she personifies household care. She always has a long female dress on all the time, and she’s good at taking care of her kids.

But Jenny depicts the women of her days perfectly with her hair worn up and off her neck. This simple style was ideal for women caring for their homes, but you’ll need more braids and curled tendrils to pull off this look.

Grab half of the hair on top of your head and make a normal braid. Coil this braid to the shape of a bun on the top back of your head and pin it in the right place. Braid the other two halves of your hair separately and lay the right-hand braid up the back of your head and around the left bun. Wrap the left braid to the right side of the bun and tuck both ends securely with a pin.

Andy Warhol Wig on the Andy Warhol Documentaries (2022)

If you want to keep it simple and glue a blonde wig to your head, then you should probably take inspiration from Andy Warhol. This type of wig is dark at the back and blonde at the front, which works when you want to make a bold statement.

The wigs worked for Andy Warhol because they made him blend in, and they can work for you too.

Bella Heathcote in Pieces of Her

pieces of her


Bella Heathcote is stunning in Pieces of Her, but her long straight, chestnut brunette accentuates her appearance, which works perfectly for this show. If you’re longing for subtle red angling on blonde, the chestnut shade requires constant maintenance both at home and in the salon.

However, maintaining the chestnut shade isn’t as tough as the other shades, but you’ll need color-protecting products.






Anya-Taylor Joy in The Queen’s Gambit

queen gambit

Anya-Taylor Joy’s hairdo in the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix will inspire anyone to get the Auburn red hair that got everyone buzzing. This hairstyle works if you’re looking for a confident and cozy look while still showing fierceness.

You can add a bit of colour to your strands to get that authentic 70s look. You’ll need a curling iron and a wand to get this look going. You’ll need a curling iron, a wand and a red hair dye to get this look going

Wrapping Up

There you have it! That’s eight hairstyles inspired by your favourite shows on Netflix Canada. Try replicating your favourite hairstyle from one of these characters, and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of fun doing it.

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