How to use TikTok for Marketing?


How to use TikTok for Marketing?

In the world of social media, there are often a few established brands that reign in the bulk of users. For a new app to disrupt them, it takes something special. TikTok is the new app on the block of social media that has taken social media by storm. Like a video sharing platform, it allows users to create 15-second videos that they can share with followers and if they are lucky, can go viral. While similar to Vine, it is different because there is no limit to video length besides data or storage capacity. Marketers, therefore, need to take advantage of this platform. Marketing was not the initial purpose of TikTok but seeing its customer reach, brands have started paying attention. Considering that it is still new, there is little understanding of how to use TikTok for marketing. That will not be an issue after reading this article.

Create good content

Everyone scrolling through their social media is often looking for? Content. Content relevant to their specific tastes and preferences. The content draws the attention of the user and initiates the conversation about a brand. Most users on TikTok are there for the fun of it therefore content uploaded by brands must be entertaining, authentic, and humorous. Hard sells that are directly linked to the brand are bound to fail therefore using hashtag challenges can help brands create engaging and fun content that involves their audience in creating fun videos. If you are creating good content, but still aren’t getting followers, you could try a growth service. TokUpgrade is a good choice for organic growth, and all the service will do is engage on your behalf. This doesn’t mean you should stop creating good content or videos since if they trend, this user-generated content can work to spread the word about a brand to all their followers which draw more people to pay attention to and investigate the brand.

Identify your audience

You cannot make any type of content if you are looking to attract a specific type of person. Brands need to understand who they are selling to and what makes them tick. This understanding guides the video content creation process in a way that it is easier to make it more engaging for the target. The predominant demographics on TikTok are between 16-24 years. This is about 60 percent of users. There is also a higher ratio of females than males on the app therefore brands that thrive on TikTok should be looking at those demographics as a target audience. Some content that appeals to these demographics includes hashtag challenges and videos with children and pets. Combine those and you have some great content for TikTok.

Use influencers

Like the popular kid that everybody was generally drawn to in high school, TikTok has influencers. At a fraction of the time and investment, an influencer can do what a brand would need an entire marketing team to do. Influencers have significant followings on TikTok which makes it easy for them to garner attention for a brand. People love to buy things that are associated with people they want to be and influencers are those people. Choosing an influencer requires a brand to understand their audience and the kind of influencers they follow. Knowing that, it becomes easier to choose which influencers to engage on possibly creating content to start a conversation around a brand.

Use advertising

When all else fails, paying for advertising is also an option on TikTok, and can help you to get followers for TikTok. TikTok offers some advertising methods such as brand takeovers, native ads, sponsored hashtag challenges, and branded lenses. Brand takeover like the name takeover a users’ feed before they view any other content with a link to the advertiser’s page. Native ads are ads that show between user content with the option of skipping or scrolling pat them. Sponsored hashtag challenges allow businesses that pay for it to obtain a custom banner that users can tap. Once they tap the banner, they access the challenge which promotes the brand. Finally, branded lenses are a filter on TikTok related to your business.


It is not difficult to see why TikTok has caught the attention of brands for marketing especially to the specific demographic it caters to. Using great content, identifying your audience, using influencers and advertising can all make TikTok a marketing goldmine for the creative brand. While these are basic guidelines, the more time and effort invested in understanding and refining them for a brand, the better the marketing campaign through TikTok.

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