The Latest Eyewear Trends


The Latest Eyewear Trends

More than ever, we are seeing people electing to wear glasses as a fashion statement as opposed to purely for practical purposes. This means that the variety of glasses available to us is only growing, with just about every style, shape, and color on offer at online retailers such as EyeBuyDirect. So what are the latest trends in eyewear?


Large, thick frames have been gaining in popularity since the 2010s when the first geek-chic frames started to make it into mainstream fashion. The shift from micro, mid-90s frames has caused our glasses to get bigger and bigger. The newly revived love of vintage and ironic “grandma” chic means that huge frames once considered old-fashioned are now trendier than ever.

Wooden Frames

The material that eyeglass frames were originally made of was usually wood, today thanks to advancements in technology durable metals and plastics are the most popular and practical choice of eyewear. However, the modern passion for sustainability and recycling means that young people are shifting away from plastic and opting for wooden or wood effect frames to go with their sustainable aesthetic.


Another retro frame that is making a comeback in the cat-eye glasses with exaggerated rim, in classic tortoiseshell or bold color on a crystalline body. They are certainly a statement piece and bound to elevate your outfit and give it a touch of vintage glamour.

Transparent Rims

Quite possibly one of the most popular choices for glasses these days is the clear or transparent rims. These frames are easy to wear with any look, but you also have the option of adding a bit of pop of color by going for a subtle pastel tint. They offer a bit more variety in terms of full transparent frames, half metal, and half-transparent, or patterned arms with transparent rims, making them, arguably the most versatile choice of glasses.

Thin Rim Frames

Thin rim frames are a timeless classic, they are always on trend and are incredibly easy to wear. You can amp up the style by going for gold or rose-gold frames as opposed to the standard silver. Thin, understated frames are the epitome of elegance and are best worn with formal or workwear to make you look like a boss.

Geometric Glasses

A bit of change from the more vintage styles that are popular right now we have the more modern-looking geometric frames like octagonal, hexagonal, or square frames. These usually come with fairly large lenses and the varying shapes mean there are plenty of different options to suit any face shape. They also have the added elegance of the thin metal frames that, as we already discussed, are the height of understated glamour.

Blue Light Reading Lenses

Last but not least – eye care is the biggest eyewear trend of 2022. Lockdown means we have all been spending more and more time on electronic devices and staring at screens, which has had an impact on our eyes! Blue light blocking glasses help to filter out the damaging light from our screens and combat computer vision syndrome.

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