Top 10 Signs You Found Your True Love 2022


Top 10 Signs You Found Your True Love 2022

Are you feeling like 2022 has already lit the fire of love for you? Do you feel like you’ve found this magical and beautiful true love in your new/current relationship? Well, the thing about true love is that the feelings can be quite sweet and we agree that everyone needs it. 

But there’s more to finding your true love than this sudden rush of feelings and emotions. 

They say true love is about making yourself vulnerable to another person but trusting them to not destroy you – and they’re right! To save you from heartaches, we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 signs to help you know if your heart is finally close to home. 

1. You feel comfortable and totally at ease around them

Do you feel comfortable around this person?

Those vulnerabilities you’ve managed to hide carefully from others, do you feel at ease letting them know these? Also, how do they respond to these “secrets” or “weaknesses” you’d rather not let others know? Do they handle that information with care and empathy? 

When you’re with someone and you feel comfortable revealing intimate details of yourself knowing full well that this wouldn’t affect the unconditional love they have for you, you know you’ve found that one true love!

2. ‘Both’ of you feel ready for love – at the same time

True love can’t be one-sided and the feeling has to be mutual to make things work. Anything aside from this would hardly work. This is why the keyword here is ‘both.’ 

Do the feelings go both ways or do you feel like this is another case of the right person’s wrong time? It could be that they’re already seriously involved with someone else or maybe they’re not even interested in a relationship now. Perhaps you both love yourselves but maybe one or both of you are not yet ready or the timing is just wrong.

3. They’re on the same page with you on key issues

Perhaps they have everything you’d want in your ideal partner’s persona. But having the most likable personality will not be enough to save your relationship in the long run if both of you share badly misaligned goals and interests.

Maybe you want kids and marriage soon but they’re much more interested in traveling and partying instead. It’s not like you need to have the same darn goals and ambitions but it’s much better if you share the same views and values on some of the most important issues of life.

4. Both of you have a sense/feeling of inner calm

This is similar to being comfortable around them but more about having a sense of calm that extends beyond the physical. This kind of calm brings a different kind of confidence when you’re around your partner that overshadows your fears and insecurities.

You know you’ve found your true love when you feel like you’re in a healthy relationship and also feel like your partner and yourself are in it together regardless of what happens in your lives. This kind of calm brings confidence and trust, the kind that makes you feel at ease discussing challenging topics and issues.

5. You enjoy being together but have separate lives and identities outside the relationship

Most people make the mistake of centering their entire life around a relationship. This is wrong! Outside your relationship with your partner, you must have your own life and identity. So, it makes sense that you’re with someone who is not actively discouraging you from having a life outside the relationship. 

When your partner does not feel threatened or jealous but feels secure enough to support your passions and interests beyond the relationship, you know you’ve found a keeper and this will not only help your relationship flourish both as partners and also as individuals.

6. They respect you and care about your opinions

When you give opinions, your true love won’t counter you with snide remarks or hurtful criticisms. They won’t try to put you down in front of anyone whether it’s a friend, family member, or coworker.

You know it’s true love when they ask for your opinions, listen eagerly to what you have to say, remember what you say, and are ready to act on them where possible. This doesn’t mean you won’t disagree on issues. But they are true when they’re genuinely interested in exchanging ideas with you. And of course, this too should go both ways.

7. You guys “argue” and “fight” fair

You’re not always going to agree on all issues. Impossible! What matters when you argue and fight is that you do it healthily, fairly, and maturely. There are healthy ways to argue and healthy arguments are an important ingredient for a healthy relationship. 

True love handles conflicts maturely and doesn’t always try to blame the other person. When they feel like you’re together as a team, they’ll engage in more open, healthy, and honest discussions on issues even if both of you are seeing things from different perspectives. 

8. They challenge you and bring out the best in you

You’re feeling intense emotions and connections with this person to the extent you’re thinking they’re probably your twin flame. They could be, but are they challenging you enough to grow?

True love from your twin flame will make you comfortable so much that you can be yourself, without fear. But it’s also much better when they’re occasionally pushing you to question some of your long-held opinions and beliefs. 

They should be gently pushing you out of your comfort zone and challenging you in a way that no one else can. This will help you grow with the relationship. True love from your twin flame won’t make you feel like you’re stuck and stagnant. If they do, then they’re probably a false twin flame

9. They’re caring and affectionate

We all need some tender loving care and affection. 

But you don’t need it from someone who’s faking it. It is true love when both of you feel free to express positive feelings towards each other rather than being uncomfortable in awkward moments. Your true love should feel comfortable being affectionate with you and not just be about the sex. 

Sex is no doubt a great thing for relationships. But while we agree that you should have your sexual needs satisfied, true love doesn’t start and end with good sex. The love is true when they’re doing even simple things such as springing compliments out of nowhere, saying loving and affectionate things, giving you occasional taps on the bum, physical touches without feeling reluctant, and several other non-sexual things.

10. The love feels natural and the relationship seems “easy”

You’ve just met this person only recently but it feels like you’ve known them since eternity. Everything just clicks easily and feels familiar. The love is growing and you’re not even struggling. If this describes your current situation, you’re truly in love. If you’re certain your partner also feels this way, chances are high they’re that one true love you’ve been waiting for all along!

True love is more than just your feelings!

It’s almost always impossible to think straight when we feel we’re in love. 

So, too many times, we often mistake strong feelings and impetuous passion for true love. But you can’t find true love where it does not really exist and neither can you deny it where it does. You just have to not let your emotions cloud your true judgment. 

It can be counterproductive to just accept anyone into your life based on only your feelings. To be sure you’ve finally found your true love this 2022, it would help if you can base your decision and conviction on some or all of the signals and factors discussed here. This way you can actually know if your “true love” is really true.

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