Flipping The Switch: Turning Stressful Make Or Break Work Moments Into Positive Ones


Flipping The Switch: Turning Stressful Make Or Break Work Moments Into Positive Ones

6 out of every 10 workers in global economies experience workplace stress, according to The Regus Group. Stressful situations aren’t always a bad thing, and it is possible for you to reframe negatives as positives. In this instance, it’s worth exploring how you can turn stressful make or break work moments into positive ones once you start moving forward. 

From Workplace Injuries To Safer Workplaces 

On average, about 340 million workplace accidents happen every year around the world, according to the International Labour Organization. A workplace accident can result in injury, cost significant stress, and potentially prompted the loss of future income, as noted by Lopez Law Group. So how can you turn this stressful make or break career moment into a positive? For starters, you can use the experience to push forward safer workplace policies. If you find your hand being forced by needing to keep productive, you can be an advocate and the catalyst for a more ergonomic and accessible workspace set up for yourself and others. There is always the option to seek legal avenues to obtain compensation and set the precedent for future claims from other employees. 

From Emergency Duties To Leadership 

One of the top make or break career moments people face is being asked to step up and accept duties that they’ve never had before, according to Glassdoor. A good example of this when your direct boss is suddenly unavailable and you’re asked to step up and deliver a presentation that usually your direct supervisor gives. This entirely stressful event can be turned into a wholly positive opportunity if you muster your courage and step up to the plate. You can use it as an opportunity to leave a good impression upon co-workers and higher-ups. If you are able to show that you do not crack under pressure, you may just be looking at a leadership position in the future.

From Bad Customer Experience To Customer Trust

Around 81% of consumers say that they need to trust a brand in order to patronize them, according to Ad Age. So when a customer you’re speaking to has had a negative experience, the way that you handle them can be a stressful make or break career moment. You can turn this into a positive by remaining calm, empathizing with their plight, evaluating the situation before taking action, and checking back with them to see if their concern has been satisfied. Such an action has a high chance of turning a bad customer into a positive situation, and this can also enable you to gain their trust. This is particularly important when it involves social media, as other customers may be watching the exchange and judging whether or not they should trust your brand.

Stressful work situations can’t be avoided, but they can always be viewed as an opportunity for growth and progress. So the next time that you experience a stressful make or break career moment, try to find the positive potential in it. That way, not only will you personally benefit from it, but your workplace will, too.

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