Your Ultimate Guide To Instagram Growth


Your Ultimate Guide To Instagram Growth

Instagram growth is one of the goals most individuals have, be it a business owner, content creator, social media influencer, and even those that are none of the above. Instagram growth can bring different opportunities and benefits such as:

  • For business owners, this is, of course, their goal in utilizing Instagram. They gain followers for profits.
  • For content creators, if an organization or individual notices the great quality of their work, they can be offered different opportunities such as jobs, collaborations, and more.
  • More so, for social media influencers, some, if not most of them, started and built their career through Instagram. Brands notice these influencers and are sent PR packages that may come with payment so they can promote the products sent to them.

 There is so much you can do to work on your Instagram growth, and here is an ultimate guide which contains tips for your growth:

  • Avail Instagram growth service and automation tools

  There are different agencies that offer Instagram growth services and automation tools powered by AI and human experts on Instagram growth. Instagram growth service or services present you with immediate positive results. They provide insights and reports on your customer-base and more. Also, some businesses and influencers try to acquire existing Instagram accounts from platforms like Social Tradia.

  • Gather important feedback from your target audience

One of the most important factors in a business’s, influencer’s, and content creator’s success is responding and improving based on the feedback from your audience. Moreover, you can send direct messages to different individuals and this process alone can help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

  • Create your own, make a hashtag trend, or use a popular one

There are over a billion Instagram users existing and many of them follow hashtags of their interests. Using hashtags can boost your posts’ visibility. Your posts can even make it to the top posts on the thread of the hashtags which can then add value to your product and content. Customers will view your business as credible and likeable which will lead to these users viewing your account and following you

  • Maximize Instagram stories

You can implement different sorts of marketing strategies through Instagram stories. You can make questionnaires, fun games, and filters to keep your audience engaged. You can also make polls about different kinds of things be it directly related to your product or something your audience can associate with your content.

More so, your audience stories are one of the most effective word-of-mouth advertising strategies that are actually free. Some people are natural sharers. By sharing your product, service, or content through Instagram stories, your brand is exposed to your customer’s followers which can now become potential customers or consistent viewers of your content.

  • Give importance to Share Frequency and Timing

Know when your customers are most active. That’s when you should post content. To make this easier, you can avail of services that can optimize the number of posts you should share per week and more from the same agencies that provide Instagram growth service. This organically increases your posts’ reach, thus resulting in an increase in followers. 



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