5 Ways AI Is Changing Recruitment


5 Ways AI Is Changing Recruitment

Recruitment is not what it used to be. Since AI burst onto the scene in 2023, it has infiltrated nearly every part of business, including recruitment. Around 65% of recruiters use AI to recruit top talent. This statistic shows that old-school recruitment is being phased out in favor of innovative and AI-driven hiring processes. This is happening in nearly every business sector, including wellness, fitness, social media management, as well as personal branding and life coaching. 

5. AI Goes Where Humans Can’t

Traditional recruiting relies on recruitment agents and hiring managers. They use their people skills to determine whether a candidate is fit for a job. But this method comes with a lot of room for error. For instance, recruiters may scan a resume for keywords that pertain to a specific job. They’ll automatically move on to the next resume if they don’t see these keywords. The problem with this is that a lack of keywords doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate is not suited to the job. A candidate may not have a way with words or use different words to what the recruiter is looking for. 

AI analyzes all data on a resume while searching for keywords. It can even search for and analyze a candidate’s online profile and social media presence. This makes AI software a better option to identify top talent. 

4. AI Saves Time and Money

Manually scanning and reading resumes takes a lot of time. Big companies employ more than one recruiter to get through CVs faster, but it still takes a long time to get through a pile of applications. A slow recruitment process means missing out on great candidates because they may get an offer while waiting. 

AI can scan a resume in a fraction of the time it would take a human recruiter to do it. Because it automates the shortlisting process, it gives recruiters more time to do interviews and choose the best candidate for the job. 

3. AI Eliminates Recruitment Bias

As terrible as it sounds, some hiring managers are biased in their hiring decision-making. For instance, they may not like how someone looks (the person may have a lot of tattoos or a nose ring). Or they may not like a candidate’s accent or how they speak. Sometimes, hiring managers disqualify a candidate based on gender or age. 

AI doesn’t see any of this, at least not in the way humans do. AI software can process that one candidate is older than another, but it doesn’t influence the AI-based outcome. AI screens all candidates based on their suitability for a job, not on what they look like or how old they are. 

This also means that AI recruitment solutions can help businesses build a more inclusive workplace. AI relies on the data it receives to find the best-suited candidates. It doesn’t consider anything that could hinder an inclusive and diverse hiring process.

2. AI Makes It Easy to Hire Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented global work-from-home movement. After the worst of the pandemic subsided, most people chose to keep working from home. Many companies then offered their employees the choice to return to the office or work from home. In 2024, even more companies allow flexible hours and the option to work from a home office. This also means that when companies start recruiting new employees, recruiters are often overwhelmed with the number of applications. 

Fortunately, AI can handle any increase in application volumes. Businesses can use AI to automatically assess every application they receive before recruiters see it.

1. AI Improves Communication Between Recruiters and Candidates

Candidates applying for a job typically expect an immediate response after sending their resume. The problem with this is that recruiters doing manual selection will likely always be overwhelmed with applications. It often takes weeks for them to work through any number of resumes received. When they finally get back to candidates, they may have already moved on to the next recruiter. They may have lost their trust in the company because it took so long to hear back. 

AI can help send out automated emails whenever a resume is received. It can even schedule and send reminders for interviews. This keeps the communication lines open and increases the likelihood of a good candidate experience. 

AI Is the Only Way Forward

AI technology will continue to evolve in the future. This is good news all around, as well as for recruiters. Those who embrace AI will experience the most efficient and effective recruitment process that benefits both companies and candidates.

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