The Art Of Time Management


The Art Of Time Management

In a world full of distractions, good time management is essential.

There are 24 hours in a day. 8 of which you need to sleep, leaving you with 16 hours to get sh*t done.

Step 1:

Sunday’s are meant for the organization. Every Sunday, you need to write out every single task you need to complete in the upcoming week. Rate each task on a scale of importance as follows: low, medium, and high. Here is an example:

You can either write this down or make a basic excel sheet, it really doesn’t have to be too fancy. In order to be good at time management, you have to customize it to your needs.

Step 2:

Begin to organize your tasks. Group the high-priority tasks together, the medium, and the low. Once you have done that, pull out your calendar for the upcoming week. As stated earlier, it can be either electronic or paper. Whatever floats your boat.
As Brian Tracy said in “Eat That Frog”, it is imperative for you to do the most important and daunting tasks first in the day. If you leave them for later in the day, you give yourself a higher chance of simply putting them off. So when making your calendar schedule the days from tasks of the highest importance to least importance.
Remember, keep it simple! Know exactly what you have to do, understand its value, schedule it, and execute. Do not fall into the trap of making an overly complicated schedule that you won’t be able to follow.

The most important thing I needed to get done every day was the E-book. I couldn’t skip classes either (I was paying for my own tuition. Not going to waste that). But as you can see, I made time to get in the three major pillars of life: health, wealth, and happiness. By prioritizing my work of what needs to get done from the list, and scheduling it in my calendar all that is left to do is execute!

Gaps in the Calendar

It is important to have gaps in the calendar for two reasons. Firstly, you need to always find time in a day to just rest and do nothing. Whether it be a nap, a walk around the block, or a water break. These breaks give us the ability to recharge before our next task and get ready to crush it. The second reason is to give you time to do the extra things on your mind. During those times I’ll just scroll on social media, or listen to an audiobook, text friends. Use the gaps to feed your distractions because when you are back on schedule, there won’t be time for that.

We hope you enjoyed this article on time management. Audiobooks are a great time management resource. You can listen while you drive, work out or walk. Take a look below for more!

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