6 Brands You Must Follow on Social Media

6 Brands You Must Follow on Social Media


6 Brands You Must Follow on Social Media

These days, your social media account is like your business card. It’s the same case with brands. Around 4.9 billion people use social media daily, and brands try to use these channels to their advantage. 

It can be challenging to create engaging posts that keep your audience coming back for more. Some companies have found a secret recipe that puts their accounts on the radar. Look through the list of the brands that will get you inspired.


Duolingo is an app that can help you learn new languages. The main character – a green owl – leads you through the language tasks and helps you along the way. While it’s a fun and easy way to learn, the best part about Duolingo is the social media posts. 

Duolingo’s accounts are entertaining and always funny. The videos on TikTok feature the green owl and all the crazy situations it gets involved in. Duolingo chose entertaining content over traditional sales, and it paid off – their follower count instantly started growing. Check out their social media accounts to follow along some crazy storylines. 


Ryanair is known for flights for ultra-cheap prices. Some people like to complain about the conditions during flights, and Ryanair saw a chance to make fun of it. Similarly to Duolingo, Ryanair’s content is entertaining, and it often goes viral.

Ryanair TikTok videos often feature their iconic blue and yellow plane that can talk with the help of filters. The plane usually responds to funny comments or makes jokes about Ryanair customers. The company decided to post authentic and creative content and gained a loyal following on their accounts.

Social Media


This app helps you earn passive income effortlessly. You can get paid by simply sharing your unused internet bandwidth. It’s a great way to earn extra money while you work, study, or simply watch Netflix. Honeygain uses its social media accounts to help customers learn about finance and side hustles while keeping them entertained. 

You can find a variety of useful content on their Instagram, from weekly contests that give you income boosters to thoughtful blog posts that help you start investing. Honeygain’s accounts will brighten up your feed and help you learn more about the world of effortless income.

The Museum of English Rural Life

This is a museum in Berkshire, UK. It’s owned and managed by the University of Reading. There, you can learn about the history of English rural life, visit a gallery, and have a cup of tea in the cafe. It’s a great place to visit, but the best part about the museum is its social media. 

The Museum’s Twitter account is full of historical pictures with hilarious descriptions. The feed is dedicated to educating followers and keeping them entertained. Once, an image went viral, and even Elon Musk hopped on this trend and changed his profile picture into an English pig. 

The Museum of English Rural Life has a great social media presence and knows how to keep its followers happy.


Airbnb is a house-sharing platform. Customers can rent a place to stay in almost any country through Airbnb. Also, there are a lot of incredible listings, like tree houses and villas, that make this platform stand out. Following Airbnb on Instagram is a must, as they post amazing locations that you can book a stay in.

The feed of their account is beautifully curated and always user-generated. Airbnb’s social media strategy involves using images that their customers took. It’s a clever way to have people tag you in their posts and get great content at the same time. The pictures on Airbnb’s Instagram profile are beautiful and definitely will inspire you to travel. 


Oreo is a beloved cookie brand all around the world. The iconic look is what makes Oreo products stand out from the competition. That’s why this brand always uses some parts of the cookie in their posts.

You can find a lot of funny and thoughtful images in their feed. For example, you can find out what waits for you in the near future from their Oreo scope readings. Also, they post a lot of educational content, like how to make Thanksgiving Oreo desserts with your kids.

Brighten Up You Social Media Feed

Check out these brands’ social media profiles to get inspired. Duolingo and Ryanair post videos that will make you laugh, and the Museum of English Rural Life has a hilarious Twitter account. 

Follow Honeygain to learn more about the possibilities of effortless earning and the world of money. Explore incredible views on Airbnb’s Instagram or learn a thing or two from Oreo. 

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