Essential Marketing Tools To Grow Your Small Business


Essential Marketing Tools To Grow Your Small Business

When marketing is executed to perfection, it helps to attract potential clients and converts them into leads, but it also assists the sales department in closing the deal to turn them from leads into customers who keep coming back. In order to grow your small business, you are going to need to utilize the best tools to bring those customers to your doors. In our guide, we’ll help you understand the essential marketing tools you’ll need to grow your small business. 

Content Management System

The first tool you will need to incorporate into your business is a content management system, often referred to as CMS. This will be the foundation of any content that your business and marketing team creates, such as blog posts, your website, landing pages, or newsletters. A CMS should be considered as one of the core tools in your marketing strategy and is essential for the effective use and implementation of your marketing plans.

Email Newsletters

When you’re growing your business, it’s vital that you’re communicating to your customers through the right channels, and email newsletters are still one of the largest tools used by marketing teams to advertise your company message. When used correctly, email newsletters are the perfect platform to accelerate your growth across a wide demographic. Many small businesses begin by sending their newsletters by hand through their usual email services, but it is crucial that you make the most out of your email newsletters with newsletter software. Having the right software will help you streamline your process and offer you essential accessories needed to track your email newsletters to understand where they do well and if changes to your strategy are required to improve them. 


When choosing a blogging tool to allow your marketing team to create great content, you should also consider if the tool allows you to optimize it for search and whether it is easy to share content on social media to provide customers with a platform to see when new content is published. Your blog should be where your team answers questions relating to your clients and informative posts that attract potential buyers organically. Ideally, the tool you choose to create your blog should allow you to see what the conversion rate of the blog post views to leads is and which posts are driving your clients.

Landing Pages

As you build your online presence and develop brand awareness for your business, you will need to begin generating leads that will close into customers by utilizing landing pages. A landing page should be a source of information on a specific topic and be able to convert an unknown visitor into a lead. When you create your landing pages, it is ideal to use topics you have included in the company blog. For example, if you have many posts surrounding products for outdoor activities, then collecting all of these in one place will provide your visitors with a central resource. 

Website Platform

When growing your business and your online presence, your website should be the key to your sales department. One-page brochure-style websites are a thing of the past as many potential buyers have already done their research before they look to buy any products or services. This is why your website should provide all of the relevant information a visitor should need to encourage them to do business with your company.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once you’ve built your online presence, it’s essential that you are able to attract organic traffic to your website in order to drive more leads that result in sales. However, in order to achieve this, your content needs to be optimized for your target buyer while incorporating the nuances that search engines are looking for. There will be many SEO tools that your marketing will be interested in using. Still, at the early stages, it’s crucial that you focus on enabling marketing to attract organic traffic to your website.

Social Media

Social media is not only a place for your customers to post updates and photos; it’s the perfect platform to engage with your client base on a personal level. Create content that resonates with your target market and begin sharing it to get the conversation with your customers started. You will want to have customers engaging with your brand across all social media platforms; with this in mind, it’s essential that the tool you use to manage your social media presence can handle a seamless integration of all your social media business accounts

Forms and Calls To Action

Using forms to capture leads from visitors to your website is a fantastic way to collect the necessary information for your sales and marketing teams to make informed decisions about whether a prospect is a good fit or not. Calls to action are the perfect tool in every marketing correspondence to engage with your customers and encourage them to visit your site or purchase a new product. Both tools are essential for the success of many other marketing methods that will use the forms or calls to action to generate new leads and create sales with return customers.

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